Scholarly Projects 2021-22

Corcoran, Riley (Audiology) - Implementing Visual Supports to Aid in the Audiologic Evaluation of Children with Developmental Disabilities: A Case Study

Ellis, Kalley (Audiology) - Autism and Hearing Loss: Getting the Most Out of Your Audiology Report

Garay, Karen (Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics) - Exploring parental knowledge and sharing of sexual health and dating information with their autistic adolescents

Hadley, Stephanie (OT) - The Impact of Parent Education and Clinician Collaboration on Parent Knowledge and Parenting Stress in Early Intervention Programs

Koch, Jamie (Audiology) - Review of a Large Hearing, Vision, and Speech Screening Program for Young Children

Krieger, Vicki (Family) - Understanding the challenges caregivers experience during and after psychiatric Emergency Department visit with dually diagnosed children

Griffith, Valerie (Self-Advocate) - The DAARC Project (The Directory for Autistic and IDD Adults Resource and Referral Community)

Hammad, Inshirah (Public Health) - A Brief Assessment of Preference for Common Reasons for Hesitancy with Receiving the Covid-19 vaccine

Hills, Jennifer (Special Education) - Modifications to the Early Start Denver Model for children who are Deaf or hard of hearing: Level one Receptive and Expressive language

Neutts, Ariann (PT) - Autism Moves: The Impact of Gross Motor Ability in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and What We Can Do to Optimize Health, Participation, and Overall Quality of Life

Olson, Lindsay (Psychology) - Characterizing mental health in boys vs. girls with ASD or suspected ASD

Paisley, Courtney (Psychology) - Mental Health and ASD: A JFK Website

Pidcock, Jill (Family) - Supporting Families through Transition to adulthood

Saavedra, Kate (Social Work) - Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Toolkit for Families

Sandercock, Rachel (Psychology) - CBT for autistic individuals with intellectual disability: reviewing the literature and identifying next steps for the field

Staggs, Syd (Public Health) - Camouflaging Autistic Traits

Tracey, Sarah (SLP) - Provide resources and access to communication for people with complex communication needs and limited speech during emergency or crisis events

Uyetake, Taylor (Rehabilitation Counseling) - Bridging the Gap: Resource Guide for Students with Disabilities and School Resource Officers

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