Scholarly Projects 2022-23

Belanger, Jordan (Audiology) - Importance of Implementing a Hearing, Vision, and Speech Screening Protocol in Public Preschools [poster]

Capra, Emma (Speech-Language Pathology) - Increasing Accessibility of Information on Abusive Head Trauma (AHT) [infographic]

Clarkson, Tessa (Psychology) - Anxiety Co-Occurrence in Autistic Teens With and Without Intellectual Disability [poster]

Covey, Carson (Self-Advocacy) - Housing for All: A Guide for Creating Safe and Inclusive Housing for People with Disabilities [flyer]

Elhassan, Sulafa (Public Health) - Statewide Resources for Autism Early Supports and Services [Resource Guide]

Frost, Kyle (Psychology) - The role of organizational climate and teacher stress in predicting attitudes towards evidence-based practices and implementation outcomes of School-Based Facing Your Fears [poster]

Kirk, Jillian (Genetic Counseling) - Expressive and Receptive Communication Development and Interventions in Prenatally Identified Children with Klinefelter Syndrome (XXY): 36 Month Analysis of the eXtraordinarY Babies Study [abstract]

Lawless, Meg (Nutrition) - Associations between children's dietary quality and language skills [abstract] - to be posted

Magallanes, Melissa (Dev Beh Pediatrics) - Experiences in transition planning for adolescents from racial and ethnic minority backgrounds with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental Delays [abstract] - to be posted

Petterson, Megan (Occupational Therapy) - A Guide to Early Intervention Therapeutic Services for Caregivers and Members of the Interdisciplinary Team [fact sheets]   SLP   PT    OT    ECSE

Phillips, Carol (Family) - Starting the Employment Journey - Understanding the Transition from School to Work [flyer] 

Pruitt, Taylor (Physical Therapy) - The Role of Physical Therapists in Promoting Activity in Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) [poster]

Rosenthal, Leah (Self-Advocacy) - Got Resources? Virtual Skills-based Group for Autistic Women [curricula with flyer]

Samour, Joseph (Rehab Counseling) - Let's-a Work! Gamifying employment and other activities for people with neurodevelopmental disabilities [tipsheet]

Samson, Carole (Audiology) - Training Module for Hearing Device Use for Children with Developmental Disabilities [poster]

Schieffelin, Marcella (Family) - Supported Decision Making: What Parents Need to Know [parent tipsheet]

Tyson, Maggie (Genetic Counseling) - Next Steps: Navigating a Genetic Test Result [tipsheet]


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