Exercise Study for Colorectal Cancer Survivors

Dr. Heather Leach, Ph.D. of Colorado State University and Dr. Wells Messersmith, M.D. of University of Colorado Cancer Center have teamed up to help colorectal cancer survivors become and stay physically active. 

In the United States, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in women, second most common in men, and it is estimated that by 2024, 1.6 million Americans will be living with this diagnosis. With improved screening and treatment for colorectal cancer, it is important to find ways to enhance quality of life and improve survival rates among colorectal cancer survivors.   

There is strong evidence that physical activity can have a significant, positive impact on several health outcomes including quality of life and physical function, but many colorectal cancer survivors struggle to achieve the amount physical activity needed to see these benefits. There is a critical need to explore innovative ways to help colorectal cancer survivors achieve and maintain the recommended levels of physical activity

Therefore, the purpose of this study is to determine whether a virtual exercise intervention can help colorectal cancer survivors increase their physical activity and determine which factors can help them stay active after the intervention ends. 

This study is supported by the American Cancer Society (131629-MRSG-18-021-01-CPPB) and the University of Colorado Cancer Center. 

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