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Primary Care Diabetes Lab

A multi-disciplinary lab dedicated to increasing equity by decreasing disparities in diabetes.

We are a team of researchers who are dedicated to partnering with people living with diabetes, as well as primary care practices, to improve the health of those living with diabetes. Our lab is a multi-disciplinary group, comprised of people living with diabetes, primary care physicians, researchers, certified diabetes care and education specialists, and pharmacists.

Did you know?

50% of adults with T1D & 90% of adults with T2D are managed by primary care(1,2)

Many adults with diabetes find specialty care more difficult or impossible to access than primary care, especially in rural areas. 75% of counties in the United States have no endocrinologists at all, while primary care can be found in 96% of US counties. (3)

Map of primary care providers and endocrinology providers, by county
Figure: U.S. Counties with A) at least one pediatric or adult endocrinologist or diabetologist and B) at least one PCP. Used in accordance with ADA license.

1. Grant RW, Buse JB, Meigs JB. Quality of diabetes care in US academic medical centers: low rates of medical regimen change. Diabetes Care 2005;28(2):337-442.
2. Unger J, Kushner P, Anderson JE. Practical guidance for using the FreeStyle Libre flash continuous glucose monitoring in primary care. Postgraduate Medicine 2020;132(4):305-313.
3. Oser SM, Oser TK. Diabetes technologies: we are all in this together. Clinical Diabetes. 2020 Apr 1;38(2):188-9.

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