Welcome to the Department of Pharmacology! We are delighted to have you as a part of our team.

Welcome to the Department of Pharmacology! Our department, a leader in the School of Medicine, is dedicated to advancing Pharmacology through groundbreaking research and comprehensive training programs. Our diverse team of faculty members excels in multiple research areas, with the department consistently ranking high for NIH research funding. Our student community, drawn from various training programs including our long-standing NIH-supported Pharmacology Graduate Program, routinely achieve success in academia and industry. Committed to a collaborative, diverse, and inclusive environment, we endeavor to understand human diseases better and develop more effective treatments.

The Department of Pharmacology comprises a tightly-knit community of committed researchers, including faculty members, students, postdoctoral fellows, and administrative staff. In alignment with our research mission, we conduct an annual retreat and host an Awards Ceremony to commemorate the year's achievements. 

We have a DEI Taskforce and Wellness Committee, please contact the chairs to find out more information on how to participate.

Wellness Committee Chair: Cecilia Caino

DEICE Committee Chairs: Claire Gillette & Scott Cramer

All new employees must bring identifying documentation in order to complete their I-9 paperwork.

View the I-9 Acceptable Documentation PDF. Please bring one form of unexpired documentation from List A or two documents, one from List B and one from List C. 

On your first day, please bring copy of your driver’s license and social security card OR your passport to compete the Hire Right (I-9) request.

If you are a J-1 or H-1 scholar, you will receive additional instructions on the I-9 verification.

Be sure to meet with the following people on your first day:

Click the link below for detailed information on payroll:

Employee Payroll | University of Colorado (

The Department of Pharmacology is proud to offer excellent benefits and wellness programs through the University of Colorado System. To learn more about your benefits or to setup or change your benefits, visit the Employee Services website.

The University has set up a dedicated page for helping explore all of the perks that come with employment here at Anschutz. Click on this link for more information.

On-site employees that drive to campus have the option of paying monthly for parking in the gated parking lots and parking garage. Front-row reserved parking is available for an additional fee. For rates and instructions to set up your parking permit, visit the University of Colorado permit parking web page.

Pharmacology is located primarily within the RC1 North and South buildings on the 6th floor. The closest covered parking is the Henderson Garage. The open-air Breckenridge or Aspen lots are also available. See map below for more details.

View the brochure on the right for more information regarding the CU Anschutz Badge.

You will receive a CU Anschutz badge that grants access to the campus buildings and Pharmacology's lab space. Jennifer Orsund will help you obtain your badge.

The Department of Pharmacology's Human Resources requires a few trainings for new employees. For instructions on accessing your required trainings, click the PDF link provided by the Anschutz HR Department. Visit this page to help identify which training courses you need to complete.

Some faculty and staff may be required to complete additional training. Your supervisor will let you know which you need to complete, if any.

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