Committee for the advancement of diversity, equity, inclusion, and community engagement (DEICE) in the Department of Pharmacology


Valid science relies on heterogeneous perspectives and values. Ethnic, gender and cultural diversity are essential to promote innovation, creativity, and excellence in science. Unfortunately, complex systemic inequities represent significant obstacles that impede diversity and inclusion in academic research. Therefore, our philosophy is that scientists must actively lead change to abrogate systemic inequities, promote diversity and inclusion, and participate in community engagement.


Our vision is to advance the field of pharmacology by empowering all members in our department to reach their full potential. More specifically, we are an action-oriented committee designed to promote a collegial, collaborative, diverse and inclusive environment where we as a department can come together to elevate our understanding of human disease for improved treatments that benefit ALL.


We listen to individuals, identify and acknowledge areas for improvement, provide resources, opportunities for community outreach, advocate for policies, as well as implement actionable steps that address current inequities and disparities to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Department of Pharmacology at CU-AMC.


Created by Lily Elizabeth Feldman

Created by Lily Elizabeth Feldman

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