Various electives are offered in Colorado Springs as part of the Phase 4 electives. Electives are offered throughout the academic year. For course descriptions, please visit the Electives Webpage. Options include:


Course # Course Title
EMED 8050 Emergency Medicine
IDPT 8050 Mental Health
IDPT 8051 Infectious Diseases
MEDS 8050 Community Hospital Medicine
MEDS 8051 Gastroenterology
MEDS 8052 Medical Critical Care
MEDS 8053 Adult Cardiology
PEDS 8050 Peds Gastroenterology
PEDS 8051 Peds Cardiology
PEDS 8052 Peds Heme Oncology
PEDS 8053 Peds Neurology
PEDS 8054 Peds ENT
RADI 8050 Interventional Radiology
SURG 8050 Trauma Surgery
SURG 8051 Plastic Surgery
SURG 8052 Surgical Critical Care
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