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Population Health Services

Pre-Award Services

  • Consult with investigators and provide input on the feasibility of the project including the available sample size
  • Assist investigators on research design and analytical methods
  • Provide preliminary data on available patients or at-risk subjects needed for grant preparation
  • Run exploratory TriNetX and Compass queries to generate potential UC Health patient numbers
  • Assist with the protocol development

Database Research Activities

PHSR staff are familiar with commonly used datasets (e.g., the SEER research database, SEER-Medicare, All Payer Claim Dataset, Colorado Cancer Registry, COMPASS, ONCORE, ORIEN) along with many others. They work with investigators to:

  • Develop inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • Determine definitions for cohort initiation
  • Construct and validate analytic variables
  • Perform database linkages for primary and secondary data including bio-specimen data with other data sources
  • Develop database queries
  • Provide analytical data base support including ascertainment, extraction, and storage of data
  • Maintain data use agreements
  • Provide ongoing scientific input, including development or refinement of study protocols, interpretation of data, and manuscript preparation

Geospatial Analysis

PHSR staff can assist with geospatial analyses or incorporating geospatial measures into research questions. Services include:

  • Geocoding
  • Geospatial analysis and mapping
  • Linkage of geospatial datasets
  • Addition of area-based measures to datasets


Initial consultation and pre-award services are subsidized by the UCCC for Cancer Center members. Post-award services are provided at subsidized rates for Cancer Center members, and up to 10 hours of feasibility data exploration are provided for free.

UCCC Member: $70.86/hour

Non-Members/External: $105.39/hour


When working with PHSR, researchers agree to:

  • Acknowledge PHSR and the National Institutes of Health Cancer Center Support Grant in their manuscripts, including analyst authorship when relevant.
    • You are welcome to use the following statement: “This study was partly supported by the National Institutes of Health P30CA046934 Population Health Shared Resource.”
    • If an option to directly include grant number during journal submission, the authors will include the Cancer Center Support Grant P30CA046934.
  • Submit manuscripts to PubMed Central, obtain a PMCID, and link the publication to the Cancer Center Support Grant through MyNCBI
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