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The Genomics Shared Resource Facility at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus has over 2000 square feet of lab space. The director of the shared resource maintains an office adjacent to the lab space.



In addition to over 20 Dell and HP desktop computers, the facility is equipped with the following server computers:

  • Illumina NovaSeq 6000 NGS data processing server specifications: Dell PowerEdge M640 Blade Server; Dual Intel Xeon Gold 6152 CPUs @ 2.10GHz, 44/88 cores; 768GB RAM; Dual 10Gb fibre networking. In summary, the cluster includes a 120TB dedicated storage array server, a compute node comprised of 88 cores (hyperthreaded), and 768GB of memory with access to additional cpu’s on other compute nodes if needed. 
  • Illumina NGS data processing server: 40TB hard drive array comprised of four (4x) Dell PowerEdge R610 servers - each server node containing eight CPU quad cores at 2.27GHz and 48GB RAM 
  • Four additional compute nodes: dual Intel Hex-croes (24 cores each) with 128GB RAM 
  • All compute nodes are 1Gb/s interface and 10Gb/s between storage nodes 
  • Illumina NGS data storage arrays: two (2x) 100TB hard drive arrays – each array containing six CPU hex cores and 32GB RAM, and 100TB reserve space available 
  • 480TB of near on-line tape backup (quantum i80 dual LTO-6) with unlimited off-line storage 
  • Illumina NGS data transfer (SFTP) server: 10TB hard drive array, four CPU quad cores at 3.2GHz, and 24GB RAM

Bioinformatics Resources:

The shared resource offers bioinformatics packages for Single Cell, Spatial Transcriptomics, NextGen Sequencing, and Microarray.

  • Illumina iScan Control Software
  • Genome Studio
  • Igenutity Pathway Analysis
  • Sequencing Control Software-SAV Viewer by Illumina
  • BaseSpace by Illumina
  • Cell Ranger, Space Ranger, and Loupe Browser by 10X Genomics
  • GeoMX Software


Contact Us

(303) 724-6050

Genomics Shared Resource
Anschutz Medical Campus
RC-2, Room 9400
12700 E. 19th Ave. 
Aurora, CO 80045

Standard Mail
Genomics Shared Resource
Anschutz Medical Campus
Mail Stop C272
12700 E. 19th Ave.
Aurora, CO 80045

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