Our staff represents many years (>65!!) of flow cytometry experience. Each staff member attends a flow cytometry conference or training session yearly and we are happy to share our knowledge.

Access to the cell analyzers is available 24/7 for trained users.

Contact the FCSR at to obtain the training guide.

Helpful Links:

Reference Books:

  • Practical Flow Cytometry - Shapiro
  • Current Protocols in Flow Cytometry - Wiley Publishing
  • Flow Cytometry: An Introduction - Givan
Training sessions to run the analyzers are always available. Just request an appointment and include "training" in your appointment request form. We will work with you on your data acquisition until you are ready to run independently.

All instrument training must be done by FCSR staff. If you have previous flow cytometry experience, this shouldn't take long. We need to ensure that you know the specifics of our equipment and our lab policies.

Acknowledging the Flow Cytometry Shared Resource

Please remember that the Flow Cytometry Shared Resource receives direct funding support from the National Cancer Institute through the Cancer Center Support Grant (P30CA046934).  Any publications resulting from use of the Flow Cytometry Shared Resource must be filed with PubMed Central, and should be linked to the Cancer Center Support Grant through MyNCBI.

Please see for instructions on how to submit your publication to PubMed Central and track it in MyNCBI.

All publications receiving direct benefit from NIH funding (including services provided by NIH-funded shared core resources) are required by law to be submitted to PubMed Central.  More information can be found at

Graphics and Flow Cytometry Methods

We are always happy to help with graphics and to review your flow cytometry methods description.

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