Pharmacology Shared Resource

The CU Cancer Center Pharmacology Shared Resource (PharmSR), located at Flint Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colo. was established to work with researchers and clinicians in a collaborative manner to design and implement studies to measure xenobiotics (drugs, toxicants, natural products, etc.) in biological systems.

  • We are an analytical laboratory focused on drug measurement. 
  • We help investigators with study design, sample collection, sample analysis and data modeling and presentation.

The mission of PharmSR is to assist in the prospective design of studies to assess drug exposure in biological systems, to measure drug levels using validated analytical assays, and to analyze, model and interpret the results.

Additionally, the PharmSR is part of the newly formed Colorado Center for Drug Discovery, a multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary drug development institute funded by the State of Colorado to facilitate drug development and discovery research programs at Colorado's academic institutions. The PharmSR serves as a core laboratory for this program as well as for the Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute(CCTSI).


PharmSR offers services based on our experience with use requests through our years of operation. We regularly modify the services we offer depending on Cancer Center members' needs and how they use the resources. The following services we currently offer:

  • Analyte Quantitation 
  • Compound or Metabolite Identification 
  • Pharmacology Study Support 
  • Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Modeling 
  • Physiological Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling 
  • Population Pharmacokinetic Modeling 
  • Metabolism Studies 
  • Drug Transporter Studies


The Pharmacology Shared Resource has analytical equipment to carry out HPLC analysis with UV/Vis or fluorescence detection and LC coupled to tandem mass spectrometry analysis. 

  • A QTRAP® 6500 LC/MS/MS System with a Nexera X2 Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography dual pump and autosampler.
  • Two ABI3200 linear trap triple quadropole instruments with LC systems (Agilent 1200 or Shimadzu LC20) and HTC-PAL autosamplers. The ABI3200 linear trap instrument is capable of MS3 when operating in trap mode as well as enhanced product ion analysis. 
  • A Shimadzu Prominence LC system with UV/Vis (Photodiode Array, SPD-M20A) and fluorescence detection (RF-10Axl) and refrigerated autosampler (SIL20AC) is also available. 
  • All of the analytical equipment is controlled through interfacing with PC-based systems and state of the art software for data analysis. 
  • Other equipment in the facility includes a rotary evaporator for sample prep, solid phase extraction manifold and general laboratory glassware, pipettes etc.


Contact Us

Daniel L. Gustafson, PhD


p | 970-297-1278


Flint Animal Cancer Center‚Äč


Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Colorado State University,

300 W Drake Rd,

Fort Collins, CO 80523


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Pharmacology Shared Resource
c/o Paul Lunghofer
Colorado State University
1678 Campus Delivery/ Dept Clinical Sciences
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