Cell Culture Services

Cell Culture Services

  • Over 400 authenticated, mycoplasma free human cancer cell lines
  • Canine cancer cell lines from CSU Flint Veterinary Cancer Center
  • Mouse and Rat cell lines

    List of Cell Lines Available


Cell Line Testing

Human cell authentication (STR analysis)

CTSR authenticates human cell lines by running STR analysis against ATCC, DSMZ, and Cellosaurus database tools. If you created a new human cell line you must provide us STR data from original source or earliest cell passage as possible

  • Instructions
    • Make Request in iLabs under Cell Culture, STR Analysis, fill out the worksheet completely including full cell name and cell passage.
    • Drop of 1xT25 of healthy mycoplasma free sample to CTSR RC1S RM 5404B between hrs. of 8-3:30
    • CTSR will make DNA and send samples over to Barbara Davis for analysis, and analyze the results
    • Certificate of authentication will be posted in your iLab requests when the analysis is complete
    • The typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

Canine cell authentication

  • Canine cell lines purchased from CTSR have been authenticated by CSU
  • CTSR can re-authenticate your Canine cells if needed.

Mycoplasma testing

  • Instructions
    • Request Mycoplasma test in iLabs under Cell Culture Tab.
    • Harvest 2mls of Supt when the cells have reached 70-80% confluency and the media has been on the cells for 48-72hrs.  
    • Harvest 2mls of Supt and spin 1800rpm for 5min, sterily poor off Supt into 15ml conical and deliver to PPSR before 11 am (RC1 S RM5404B) on the same day of harvest, do not allow supt to sit O/N.
    • Myco test will be done the same day and results will be emailed to you.


Freeze down valuable cell lines and backup LN2 storage

  • Freeze down cell lines
    • When Your lab purchases, creates or acquires valuable cell lines CTSR can receive the original ampule, mycoplasma test, and freeze cells down for safety before less experienced researchers start working with essential cell lines.
  • Backup LN2 storage
    • CTSR offers backup LN2 storage for your cell line security.  Price is based on the rental of one 100 ampule section in our LN2 tank.
  • Custom Cell Projects
    • CTSR is available to do any scale custom cell culture projects for labs that do not have the equipment or experience needed to complete a project.  We are capable of doing various size projects from weekly 6 well plating up to 5L of cell culture for large volume projects.


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