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Cancer impacts all aspects of life. 

Behavioral oncology research focuses on the psychological, social, and behavioral aspects of cancer survivorship We are committed to connecting patients and their loved ones with research studies and findings that allow them to better live their lives.  

Connecting Colorado unites patients and families living with cancer with behavioral oncology researchers across the state. Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to participate in research studies.  

Behavioral oncology research opportunities include studies to better understand the psychological experience of patients and families living with cancer and through cancer survivorship. Behavioral oncology interventions are designed to help patients navigate psychological distress and cancer-related side effects. Many patients and caregivers find benefits from participating in behavioral oncology research.

The Story of Connecting Colorado

Led by Drs. Emily Cox-Martin, Ph.D. and Elissa Kolva, Ph.D., clinical psychologists and the University of Colorado School of Medicine Faculty, the Connecting Colorado website is designed to:

  • Share opportunities for cancer survivors and caregivers to participate in behavioral oncology research;
  • Promote the results of research studies; 
  • Provide a platform for resources related to behavioral oncology and supportive care.

This patient-centered website was created through stakeholder feedback, from providers, patients, and caregivers. In this way, we hope it better meets the needs of the patient as a whole person. We specifically asked patient and caregiver stakeholders what information they would want to find on the site and how they would like it to be designed. 

Our goal is to create a patient resource for accessing information about behavioral oncology research in Colorado and to better connect our research community with the patients it serves.  

Initial funding for Connecting Colorado was provided by the State of Colorado and the University of Colorado Cancer Center. 


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