Rebecca Schweppe, PhD


Thyroid Cancer, Molecularly Targeted Therapies


University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus


The focus of my lab is to identify novel molecular targets relevant to papillary and anaplastic thyroid cancer (PTC and ATC) with the ultimate goal of advancing these studies to clinical trials for thyroid cancer patients. We have identified the Src tyrosine kinase pathway as a major player in thyroid cancer progression. Given that advanced tumors often harbor multiple genetic lesions that result in the activation of several oncogenic signaling pathways which drive tumor progression, it is likely that molecular-targeted therapies, such as Src inhibitors, will need to be combined for maximal therapeutic efficacy.

The goals of the summer project are to define pathways that promote sensitivity versus resistance to Src inhibition in order to identify rational therapeutic strategies that when targeted in combination with Src, will eliminate thyroid cancer cells. Students will gain experience with cell culture, Western blotting, drug treatments, and how to interpret high throughput data.

Contact Info

Phone: 303-724-3179

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