Cancer Innovation Pilot Grant Awardees for 2023

The Cancer Innovation Pilot Grants provide research funding to support the career development of pre-doctoral and post-doctoral trainees and early-career faculty. These grants are evaluated via a competitive peer-review process in the NIH style.

This year we had a record number of applications and of very high quality. Please join us in congratulating the 2023-2024 Cancer Innovation Pilot Grant Awardees (pictured below).

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Ilango Balakrishnan

Ilango Balakrishnan, PhD

Associate Research Professor

Project: Development of novel Dual recombinant CD99/B7-H3 immunotoxins against DIPG, a fatal brain tumor in children

Catherine Danis

Catherine Danis, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Mentor: M Eric Kohler, PhD

Project: Evaluating the impact of restoring LAT signaling on CAR T cell metabolism

Bridget Hoag

Bridget Hoag

Pre-doctoral Student, Cancer Biology

Mentor: James DeGregori, PhD

Project: Exploring Aging Dependent Adaptations of Splicing Factor Mutations Using Base Editing

Brittany Gomez

Brittany Gomez

Pre-Doctoral Student, Immunology

Co-Mentors: Linda van Dyk, PhD and Eric Clambey, PhD

Project: Investigating the properties and susceptibility of virus-associated lymphomas

Gabriella Albert

Gabriella Albert, PhD

Candidate, Immunology

Mentor: Eduardo Davila, PhD

Project: Investigating the role of transcriptional regulators of "stemness" on CD8 T cell exhaustion to improve the efficacy and durability of immunotherapies for cancer

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