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Population and Data Sciences Core (PDSC)

The PDSC was formally established in 2021 and houses samples and data collected from 2005 to present and is continuing to collect new data and biospecimens through many large cohort studies with a particular focus on pre-clinical RA and RA. 


The goal of the PDSC is to provide consultative support for studies in rheumatic disease pathogenesis as well as allow access to valuable key samples that would be difficult to attain for researchers to help advance the understanding of pre-clinical RA and the development of RA.

Services we offer:

  • Data and biospecimen resources
  • Consultative services on study design
  • Consultative services on analysis
  • Consultative services and implementation of general study operations, including regulatory services (IRB, MTA, etc.)


Data and Biospecimen resources


A variety of samples and data are available on 1000+ subjects and 5,000+ timepoints. These include materials from individuals with established diseases as well as controls. There is a focus on materials from individuals with RA, pre-clinical RA, and those who have transitioned to RA; however, other disease states are also available.




  • Demographics
  • Medical History 
    • Autoimmune diseases
    • Medications
    • Immunization history
    • Substance Use
    • Alcohol use
    • Tobacco use
    • Cannabis use
    • General Health
    • Physical activity
    • MDHAQ
    • Self-reported joint symptoms
    • PROMIS
    • Vitamin and supplement use
  • Clinical assessments
    • Including joint examination data, and in subsets of individuals joint imaging, lung imaging or other diagnostic study results including a range of biomarkers (e.g. autoantibody testing).

Biospecimen resources

Serum, plasma, red blood cells, DNA, RNA (PAXgene), PBMCs, sputum, and stool 

Consultative services

  • Study design
  • Analysis


An initial consult meeting might include refining research questions and identifying analytic resources available on campus.

Accessing our services and service center policies

If Consultative services are requested without data or biological samples, please email the PDSC at:


Researchers interested in accessing data and samples from the PDSC are asked to complete the PDSC request form


Service Center Use Policies and pricing

To read full policy details of accessing our services, please click here.

Our costs can be found here.

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