ADPC Mission and Goals


To advance prevention in autoimmune diseases.


  • To provide a central organization where individuals from across a wide variety of disciplines are able to participate in the advancement of autoimmune disease prevention.
  • To provide a venue for interactions with stakeholders in prevention including individuals who are at-risk for autoimmune diseases, health-care providers, research community, industry and governmental agencies.  
  • Advance prevention in an inclusive manner that further will specifically address underserved communities and populations who are disproportionally affected by autoimmune diseases.
  • Implementation of observational, clinical, translational, and basic research programs as well as clinical trials with a primary focus on understanding and prevention of autoimmune disease.
  • Education to the individuals at-risk for autoimmune diseases, health-care providers and biomedical researchers in the area of autoimmune prevention. 
  • Implementation of clinical care with focus on prevention in autoimmune diseases.

Division of Rheumatology

Autoimmune Disease Prevention Center

CU Anschutz

Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes

1775 North Aurora Court


Aurora, CO 80045


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