Novel_Res_SuppThe Rheumatology Division of the University of Colorado Denver actively engages in research across a wide spectrum of autoimmune and rheumatic diseases. Our investigative activities include the full spectrum of scientific approaches, including basic and cellular research, animal studies, translational reseach, observational/epidemiological research, and clinical trials. 

Our systematic and academic examinations of health care delivery have allowed us to develop substantial expertise in researching health care quality.  In addition, we are cultivating a team of clinician-educators that are using science to define the optimal method of training the next-generation of high-quality rheumatologists. Furthermore, our Division collaborates extensively across the University of Colorado and beyond, directing several important Core Research Facilities for our colleagues.  These include the UC Denver Gnotobiotic Facility and Exsera BioLabs, which specializes in complement and autoimmune testing. 

The activities described above have led our Division to a position on the cutting edge of delivering high-quality patient care, as well as driving the future of treatment and prevention for rheumatic diseases.


Specific Rheumatic Diseases [For patients interested in advancing science around a specific disease]

Research Services [For scientific collaborators interested in services offered by the Rheumatology Division]

Faculty Researchers [A list of rheumatology investigators interested in scientific collaborations]

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