Rheumatoid Arthritis Research Studies

The Division of Rheumatology strives to understand more about rheumatoid arthritis (RA) through research.  Please see the list below, which summarizes the studies available to individuals interested in advancing our understanding and treatment of rheumatic disease. 


Study Name/IRB#/PIBrief Description​Basic Eligibility​ CriteriaContact​
​AMP​ Synovial Biopsy
Michael Holers, MD
Biopsy of joint tissue using ultrasoundEarly ​RA and patients transitioning between therapies due to poor response303-724-0581
or email
Karen Franklin
Kevin Deane, MD
Use of an approved medication (hydroxychloroquine) to prevent or stop the development of RA.  This study includes a placebo group.Individuals with a ​positive blood test (anti-CCP antibody) or their close relatives (parents, siblings, children)303-724-8330
or email
or visit website

Please note that study status changes frequently and therefore, a listed study may not be actively enrolling. Also, the complete list of inclusion and exclusion criteria for a given study is often not listed due to its length.  A visit to determine an individuals eligibility may be required.  A placebo is an inactive substance or treatment that looks the same as, and is given the same way as, an active drug or treatment being tested. The effects of the active drug or treatment are compared to the effects of the placebo.