Axial Spondyloarthritis/Ankylosing Spondylitis Trials

​The Division of Rheumatology strives to understand more about Spondyloarthritis through research. Please see the list below, which summarizes the studies available to individuals interested in advancing our understanding and treatment of rheumatic disease.


​Study Name/IRB#/PIBrief DescriptionBasic Eligibility CriteriaContact
Program for individuals 
with an Elevated Risk 
of Spondyloarthritis 
Liron Caplan, MD
​Long-term research 
study of individuals 
at risk of spondyloarthritis (SpA). 

This study does not 
include a place​bo group.
1) Parent, child, or sibling 
(by blood) of 
someone with 

2) Individuals with SpA 
or SpA associated 
conditions such as 
inflammatory bowel 
disease, psoriasis, or 
or email
Andrew Stahly
Please note that study status changes frequently and therefore, a listed study may not be actively enrolling. Also, the complete list of inclusion and exclusion criteria for a given study is often not listed due to its length. A visit to determine an individual’s eligibility may be required. A placebo is an inactive substance or treatment that looks the same as, and is given the same way as, an active drug or treatment being tested. The effects of the active drug or treatment are compared to the effects of the placebo.