1302 Behavioral Health Integration

Building Blocks of Behavioral Health Integration

Resources by Building Block


Foundational Care Delivery Expectations

1.1 - Practice has defined vision related to meeting behavioral health needs.

1.2 - Practice has a defined behavioral health champion or team. (A behavioral health champion is someone in the practice with the capacity and interest to help lead behavioral health-related initiatives).

1.3 - Practice has a budget with allocated resources for work related to behavioral health, including behavioral health professional(s) if part of the care team, that incorporates planning for sustainability of services.

Advanced Coordination and Care Management


Integrated Behavioral Health Professional




Advanced Care of Substance Use Disorders


Data Driven Quality Improvement

Foundational Care Delivery Expectations

1.4 - Practice, including any behavioral health professionals, meets regularly (minimum monthly) to review data and processes for quality improvement, including those related to behavioral health efforts.

1.5 - Practice reviews data disaggregated by subpopulations (such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity) to identify and address disparities.

1.6 - Practice collects measures specific to behavioral health efforts and tracks performance relative to targets, including outcomes with validated measures (such as the PHQ-9, GAD-7, Edinburgh maternal depression scale). In practices caring for children, this includes developmental screening.

1.7 - Measures from 1.6 include tracking proportion of target population screened.

1.8 - Measures from 1.6 include tracking proportion of positive screens that are addressed.

1.9 - Practice collects holistic patient-reported measures of experience of care and/or patient-reported functioning or quality of life.

Advanced Coordination and Care Management

Includes tracking rates of follow up after behavioral health related emergency department visits or hospitalizations.

Integrated Behavioral Health Professional

Includes tracking adequate FTE and availability of appointments with behavioral health provider. 


Includes tracking adequate FTE and availability of consultation with psychiatrist.

Advanced Care of Substance Use Disorders

Includes tracking of outcomes related to patient initiation and engagement in substance use disorder treatment and follow up after substance use disorder-related hospitalizations. 

Patient and Family Engagement


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