Photo of Jenna Cabrera.

Jenna Cabrera PT, DPT

Faculty Resident
  • Physical Therapy (SOM)

Dr. Jenna Cabrera is a graduate of the Bradley University DPT program. She is currently completing her Faculty Residency at the University of Colorado with the goal of obtaining a position teaching in a DPT program. Dr. Cabrera currently assists in various classes and labs throughout the physical therapy program, with a primary focus teaching in Foundations of Intervention and Examination and evaluation. Her residency focuses on teaching and learning theory, creating innovative instructional experiences, curriculum design, clinical education, and academic scholarship. Her current research focuses on NPTE declining first time pass rates and faculty involvement for improving scores. Prior to starting the Residency, Dr. Cabrera treated in various inpatient and outpatient settings, with a focus on treating pelvic health-specifically focusing on female athletes, outpatient orthopedics and vestibular rehabilitation.

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