Part 2 of our Series on Equity in Clinical Practice and Clinical Education

Co-Creating Inclusive Learning Environments in the Clinic

Date: December 10: 9:00 – 12:00

Target Audience: Clinical Instructors and Site Coordinators of Clinical Education

Cost: Free of Charge to CIs and SCCES at established Clinical Sites


Course Description: We as educators have a responsibility for optimizing learning environments for our students, whether in the classroom, laboratory, or clinic. In this interactive workshop, participants will explore characteristics of today’s learner, discuss the value of inclusive learning environments for our students, patients, and profession, and co-create an ideal vision for clinical settings. Using case scenarios, participants will ‚Äčidentify strategies to support and hold each other accountable ‚Äčto this vision. 


Learning Objectives: 

  1. Discuss “Today’s Learner” in the context of the clinical learning environment
  2. Create a vision and set of guiding principles for an inclusive learning environment in the clinic
  3. Examine case scenarios and select strategies that would facilitate a more inclusive learning environment
  4. Develop methods to support and hold each other accountable for achieving the vision
CEUs: This event will meet criteria for 3 hours of Professional Development Activity: Education Coursework for Continuing Professional Competency in Colorado.
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