Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans

As a Resident or Fellow in a CU GME training program, you may choose to participate in the CU 403(b), PERA 401(K) and/or the PERA 457 Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans​.

Some considerations

  • ​​Reduce current taxable income by the amount of your contributions.
  • Accumulate money for retirement.​
  • Pay no income taxes on contributions made or interest earned until money is withdrawn from the investment plan.
  • Begin participation or change contributions anytime throughout the year (no mandatory open enrollment period).
  • Directing your retirement plan contributions is a decision that involves your personal financial goals and current situation. GME personnel are not permitted to advise you. Please contact Employee Services.​ 

About your contributions

  • ​​No “employer” match is available to the Resident or Fellow with these Voluntary Savings Plans.​
  • Contributions to any combination of voluntary retirement savings plans such 403(b) or 401(K), including those at different employers, cannot exceed a total of $19,500, or 100% of your total eligible annual income, whichever is less. 
  • Contributions to a 457 Plan allow a separate, additional contribution of up to $19,500 annually.​

These planes are administered by CU Employee Services, not GME Benefits. CU GME does not provide any further information on these plans.

Review information at www.cu.edu/employee-services/voluntary-retirement-savings-plans or call Employee Services at 303-860-4200.

PERA 401(k) and PERA 457 Plans:
You may also call 800-759-7372 or visit the Colorado PERA website, www.copera.org​ for information regarding these plans.​