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Colgan Lab

Studies from the Colgan Lab are aimed at understanding how epithelial and endothelial cells coordinate in inflammatory bowel disease. There are three specific areas of interest: leukocyte cell-cell interactions, regulation of epithelial structure/function during inflammation and transcriptional signaling by hypoxia during inflammation. Formerly from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Colgan brings four federally funded research programs to the University of Colorado.

Beth Tamburini Lab

The Tamburini lab focuses on understanding the contribution of the lymphatic vasculature to organ function during disease.  We are particularly interested in the trafficking of small molecules, antigens and immune cells through the lymphatic vasculature and to the liver draining lymph nodes during chronic liver disease. We are also interested in understanding how PD-L1 reverse signaling influences the trafficking of dendritic cells through the lymphatic vasculature following infection.

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