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Students and faculty at the School of Medicine participate in an array of events to promote learning and professionalism for the school and the community at large. Events such as Cafe Scientifique and Mini-Med engage the community in the Denver area and throughout Colorado. Matriculation and Match Day focus on our students and their future.​ 

Match Day couple holding hopkins sweat shirtMatch​ D​a​y 2​022

Every spring, medical students from around the country learn where they will serve their residencies. Virtual gatherings will replace in-person celebrations at the CU School of Medicine this year.  


2022 gradsGraduati​o​n 20​22

The University of Colorado School of Medicine Hooding & Oath Ceremony held on Friday, May 27, 2022.




two matriculants in their white coatsMatricula​tion 2021

The University of Colorado School Medicine and Office of Student Life welcomed the class of 2025 on Friday, July 30.



Susan Potter imageCU Medicine Today

Check out the school's semi-annual publication highlighting our students, faculty and alumni with stories about their research, innovations, community outreach and success stories that set CU School of Medicine apart.


human-touch-206The Human Touch

An annual anthology of poetry, prose, photography and graphic art, The Human Touch reflects the experiences of the Anschutz Medical Campus community.




CollageCafe Scientifique

Gather with fellow science aficianados over a beverage and snacks to hear about a wide variety of subjects from antibiotic-resistant MRSA to artistic Neanderthals.




tech-206Mini Med School

Every fall, CU offers a series of free, non-credit classes to anyone interested in learning about medicine. Instructors from the School of Medicine teach on a variety of subjects include cell biology, neuroscience, immunology and cancer.




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