Golden Stethoscope Awards

Sponsored by Developing Our Clinical Skills (DOCS) and the Office of Community Based Medical Education, the Golden Stethoscope awards provide medical students an opportunity to thank preceptors for their time and dedication. 

All DOCS students are allowed to nominate a preceptor, and each nominee receives recognition and a printed copy of the letter. The winners are selected through a panel review process and mailed their award.

Read the 2023 Student Nomination Letters

Outstanding DOCS Preceptor

The preceptorship experience provides students with their first clinical interactions. It allows students to apply some of the basic science knowledge they are acquiring in the classroom, helps them to feel comfortable interacting with patients, and most importantly provides them with the opportunity to gain exposure to a practicing physician who can serve as a role model and mentor during their training. Students were asked to describe why their preceptor deserves the title of “Outstanding DOCS Preceptor.” 

Outstanding Patient/Provider Communication

Much of the communication learned during preceptorship comes from observing communication skills as role-modeled by preceptors. Students were asked to describe why their preceptor deserves the title of “Outstanding Patient/Provider Communication.” 

Outstanding Clinical Reasoning

Because clinical reasoning is best taught in the clinical setting, preceptorship provides the perfect opportunity for students to develop and refine their clinical reasoning skills. Students were asked to describe why their preceptor deserves the title of “Outstanding Clinical Reasoning.” 

Demonstrating Leadership

One of the goals of the DOCS preceptorship program is to connect students with clinical and educational leaders within our medical community. This award is chosen to recognize someone who embodies and role-models the traits of an impactful leader. 

Faculty Choice Award

The DOCS Curriculum Faculty Choice Award is given each year to faculty and or staff members who contributes multiple points throughout the DOCS Curriculum. They show tremendous support of the program, willingness to collaborate, and innovation and creativity.


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