Structural Biology Equipment

X-ray Instrumentation
  • The home source is composed of a Rigaku Micromax 007 high frequency microfocus X-ray generator, a VariMax high flux optic with adjustable divergence, an AFC11 4-axis goniometer, a Pilatus 200K 2D area detector, and an Oxford Cobra cryo-system. HKL-3000R is used for data collection and processing and is run on a Linux CentOS Dell Precision Workstation. 
  • Rigaku/MSC Crystallization Robotics include: Alchemist liquid handling robot for optimization screen production, Phoenix drop setting robot, and 2 Desktop Minstrel imaging units and a plate hotel that are all networked and integrated with Crystal trak software. 

Instrumentation Available

Spectrometers at CU Anschutz Medical Campus:

  • Varian INOVA 500 MHz 
    • 5 mm triple resonance 1H/13C/15N probe - sensitivity of 850:1 (ETB) 
  • Varian INOVA 600 MHz
    • 5mm triple resonance  1H/13C/15N cold probe - sensitivity > 4000:1 (ETB)
  • Varian 900 MHz Direct Drive NMR system
    • 5 mm triple resonance 1H/13C/15N cold probe with Z-axis gradient

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