Paul Calabresi Award for Clinical Oncology Research

Paul Calabresi Clinical Scholars Award

The purpose of this program is to prepare highly qualified clinical therapeutic researchers called Paul Calabresi Clinical Oncology Research Scholars (Scholars) who are capable of:

  • Communicating and coordinating clinical research activities in teams of clinical and basic/behavioral research scientists to expedite the translation of scientific findings into human-oriented research; 
  • Performing independent clinical research that develops and tests rational hypotheses based on fundamental and clinical research findings in order to improve the medical care of cancer patients or to prevent the development of cancer in populations at risk; 
  • Managing all phases of clinical trials research, including designing and implementing innovative translational clinical protocols.​​

Application Deadline:

7/1/2022 – 5 PM (NO EXCEPTIONS)

How to Apply:

Electronic Submission

Completed applications should be submitted via Smartsheets.

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Paige Diller

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