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Past BfitBwell Participant Testimonials

“I sincerely believe the program has resulted in advancement of my cancer being held at bay. The program has literally been life-changing for me.” 

​​"This program is really fantastic. If you have cancer, this can really help you mentally and physically. When you are working out with these people, you have to be in the moment and nothing else matters! All your cares just fly out the window. And energy is really a great benefit. This was the perfect tonic after long weeks of radiation. This energizes you and maybe, like me, you won't keep taking those irritating naps! Everything you do is customized to your age, weight, and whatever type of therapy you have been going through. Oh, and the best thing is that it's fun!"

​“Great program, gives a boost to mental state as well as physical.” 

​“Thank you, thank you, thank you for an amazing program that really shifted my whole mentality about myself and capabilities at a time that I was really low. This state of the art (as a former personal trainer and gymnast I was impressed with the new and creative exercises that I had no knowledge of ) program is amazing and life altering in terms of both the physical and mental effects it had on my healing and recovery from my cancer treatments and beyond. Nicole and her staff truly care about you as a person which makes a huge difference. Anyone can teach exercises and share knowledge but it that extra compassion and caring makes a huge difference.”

​“I want to thank everybody in the BfitBwell program for their outstanding work, encouragement, support, kindness and very good attitude. Everybody over there had a very good professional attitude!"

​“I can see noticeable progress! As a cancer patient our bodies are always changing and I know personally I always hated to reach out for help because I thought it was my new normal. If it weren’t for the trainers advocating for me I would still most likely be struggling with something!"


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