Sarah Tevis, MD


Breast Surgical Oncology


University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Dept of Surgical Oncology

Number of Openings



To evaluate patient reported outcome measures in breast surgical oncology patients.


As patients are living longer after breast cancer treatment, more patients are suffering from the enduring physical and psychosocial side effects treatment. The objective of this study is to evaluate the effect of patient engagement with Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM) survey results on patient satisfaction with patient-provider communication. We hypothesize that patients who complete PROM surveys and view their results graphed over time will have high satisfaction with patient-provider communication. We plan to administer the validated BREAST-Q questionnaire, which evaluates satisfaction with breasts, psychosocial, physical, and sexual well-being, adverse treatment effects, and satisfaction with the treating team. Investigator generated questions will also be used to identify currently unmeasured outcomes from a patient perspective. Patients will be surveyed pre-operatively as well as at multiple time points post-operatively. The first 100 patients to participate in the study will complete the questionnaire, but the results will not be provided to patients or providers to establish a baseline for PROM and satisfaction results (normative control group). All subsequent patients will complete the questionnaire and patients and providers will have access to PROM results (experimental cohort). We will evaluate utilization of supportive services and patient satisfaction as it relates to PROM engagement. Measuring and reporting PROMs in real time will allow physicians to provide individualized, patient-centered care and intervene early when complications or suffering occurs in the course of treatment and/or recovery. This study has the potential to improve patient engagement and satisfaction, PROMs, and oncologic survivorship outcomes by tailoring care for each patient.

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