Jill Slansky, PhD


Tumor Immunology


University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Program objectives

Dr. Slansky’s lab focuses on how to improve antigen-specific immune responses to cancer. These are the main projects in the lab:

  • Using human breast cancers samples, we are using molecular biology techniques and bioinformatics to identify sub-type-specific T cell antigens.
  • Using an immunogenic colon cancer cell line in mice, we are determining transcriptional mechanisms of dysfunction in T cells responding to cancer.
  • Using human lung cancer tissues, we are working to understand the role of B cells in the immune response to lung cancer.

Program description

Students will participate with others in the lab and at lab meetings. He/She will work with either samples from human or mouse cancers, perform assays to understand the infiltrating immune cells, and interpret and discuss results. He/She will present experimental results to the lab and the Cancer Center poster session.

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