Elizabeth Ryan, PhD


Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Cancer Immunology, Dietary Interventions, Colon cancer control and prevention


Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO (~70 miles from Denver)


The relationships between environmental exposures (dietary, toxicants etc.) and the progression, control of cancer are complex, and our laboratory is exploring the emerging role for the gut microbiota to modulate metabolism and immunity as mechanisms of action. The objectives of research in our laboratory are to examine and establish dietary intake levels from animals models and human clinical studies that may promote cancer control and prevention.


The summer fellow will participate in (1) compilation and analysis of data collected from dietary intervention studies with rice bran or beans in animal models/clinical trials, and evaluate effects on anti-tumor immunity; (2) development of educational materials on cancer fighting properties of rice bran and beans; and (3) design and conduct laboratory studies related to the effects of dietary components, toxicants or their microbial metabolites on immune evasion (a hallmark of cancer).

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