Daniel L. Gustafson, PhD


Pharmacology/Cancer Biology/Experimental Therapeutics


Flint Animal Cancer Center, Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Colorado State University, Fort Collins


The overall theme of my laboratory is cancer therapeutics and comparative oncology. Current focuses are on precision approaches to cancer therapies and the role autophagy plays in the sensitivity or resistance of tumors to anti-cancer drugs. Model systems utilized include human and canine tumor cell line panels as well as advanced animal models.


Students will work in a specific model system to address a novel question in cancer therapeutics or cancer biology. Methodologies may include cancer cell viability and growth assays, western blotting, RT-PCR, immunocyto- or –histochemistry, and mass spectrometry analysis of small molecules or peptides. The laboratory uses multiple molecular and biochemical techniques and projects may be suited to the interests and aptitudes of the individual student.

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