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The Akt-mTOR Pathway Drives Myelin Sheath Growth by Regulating Cap-Dependent Translation

Karlie Fedder-Semmes, Bruce Appel

September 2, 2021



Temporal single-cell transcriptomes of zebrafish spinal cord pMN progenitors reveal distinct neuronal and glial progenitor populations.

Kayt Scott, Rebecca O'Rourke, Caitlin C. Winkler, Christina A. Kearns, Bruce Appel

July 23, 2021




Microglia phagocytose myelin sheaths to modify developmental myelination

Alexandria N. Hughes, Bruce Appel
July 6, 2020


Prdm8 regulates pMN progenitor specification for motor neuron and oligodendrocyte fates by modulating Shh signaling response

Kayt Scott, Rebecca O’Rourke, Austin Gillen, Bruce Appel
March 27, 2020


The RNA binding protein fragile X mental retardation protein promotes myelin sheath growth

Caleb A. Doll, Katie M. Yergert, Bruce H. Appel
October 12, 2019


Oligodendrocytes express synaptic proteins that modulate myelin sheath formation

Alexandria N. Hughes, Bruce Appel
September 11, 2019


Developmental myelination is modified by microglial pruning 

Alexandria N. Hughes, Bruce Appel
June 3, 2019


Neuronal Activity Enhances mRNA Localization to Myelin Sheaths During Development 

Katie M. Yergert, Jacob H. Hines, Bruce Appel
May 30, 2019


Sequential specification of oligodendrocyte lineage cells by distinct levels of Hedgehog and Notch signaling 

Andrew M. Ravanellia, Christina A. Kearns, Rani K. Powers, Yuying Wanga, acob H. Hinesa, Maranda J. Donaldson, Bruce Appel
December 15, 2018


Synaptic proteins expressed by oligodendrocytes mediate CNS myelination 

Alexandria N. Hughes, Bruce Appel
September 6, 2018


Cholesterol Biosynthesis Supports Myelin Gene Expression and Axon Ensheathment through Modulation of P13K/Akt/mTor Signaling 

Emily S. Mathews and Bruce Appel
July 20, 2016

miR-219 regulates neural progenitors by dampening apical Par protein-dependent Hedgehog signaling

Laura I. Hudish, Domenico F. Galati, Andrew M. Ravanelli, Chad G. Pearson, Peng Huang and Bruce Appel
May 5, 2016


Motor neurons and oligodendrocytes arise from distinct cell lineages by progenitor recruitment 

Andrew M. Ravanelli and Bruce Appel
November 18, 2015


Fbxw7 Limits Myelination by Inhibiting mTOR Signaling 

Christina A. Kearns, Andrew M. Ravanelli, Kirsten Cooper and Bruce Appel
November 4, 2015


Neuronal activity biases axon selection for myelination in vivo 

Jacob H. Hines, Andrew M. Ravanelli, Rani Schwindt, Ethan K. Scott, and Bruce Appel
April 6, 2015


Mutation of 3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl CoA Synthase I Reveals Requirements for Isoprenoid and Cholesterol Synthesis in Oligodendrocyte Migration Arrest, Axon Wrapping, and Myelin Gene Expression 

Emily S. Mathews, David J. Mawdsley, Macie Walker, Jacob H. Hines, Marina Pozzoli, and Bruce Appel
February 26, 2014


miR-219 Regulates Neural Precursor Differentiation by Direct Inhibition of Apical Par Polarity Proteins 

Laura I. Hudish, Alex J. Blasky, and Bruce Appel
November 25, 2013


CNS-derived glia ensheath peripheral nerves and mediate motor root development 

Sarah Kucenas, Norio Takada, Hae-Chul Park, Elvin Woodruff, Kendal Broadie, and Bruce Appel
January 6, 2008


In vivo time-lapse imaging shows dynamic oligodendrocyte progenitor behavior during zebrafish development 

Brandon B Kirby, Norio Takada, Andrew J Latimer, Jimann Shin, Thomas J Carney, Robert N Kelsh & Bruce Appel
November 12, 2006

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