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Alex Hughes

Alex Hughes was interviewed for the International Zebrafish Society "Science Spotlight", which highlights her recent publication in Nature Neuroscience on microglia and developmental myelination.

Winter 2020

Alex Hughes successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation entitled, "NEURONAL AND MICROGLIAL INTERACTIONS WITH OLIGODENDROCYTES REGULATE MYELIN SHEATH FORMATION AND ELIMINATION " on September 21, 2020. Alex will remain with us until spring 2021 when she will begin a postdoctoral fellowship in Harry Burgess' lab at the NIH. 

September, 2020

Katie Yegert and Bruce Appel
Katie Yergert successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation entitled, "Molecular Mechanisms Underlying mRNA Localization to Myelin Sheaths" on September 17, 2020. She is now a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Gary Bassell at Emory University.

September 2020

Scott, Kayt
Kayt Scott has been awarded a NIH NRSA F31 predoctoral training grant to support her work investigating mechanisms of neural cell fate specification.

September 2020

Kayt Scott's manuscript entitled, "Prdm8 regulates pMN progenitor specification for motor neuron and oligodendrocyte fates by modulating the Shh signaling response" (Development, 2020) was selected for a Research Highlight in Development ("Cell fate in the spinal cord: Prdm8 says ‘shh’ to Shh") 
and she was interviewed for "
The people behind the papers" piece in The Node.

August 2020

Yergert, Katie
Katie Yergert presents at FASEB RNA Localization and Local Translation Conference

Katie was selected to give a "Flash" talk to feature her poster entitled, "Dynamic features of mRNA localization in nascent myelin sheaths".

June 2019

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