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Dear Child Neurology Applicant,

Welcome to the Child Neurology Residency at the University of Colorado. We’re thrilled that you’re considering our program and hope you find the answers to your questions about our program on these next few pages. If not, please reach out to any member of our education team (contact information below).

Here in Colorado, you will find a training program that provides exposure to a wide breadth of child neurology while emphasizing resident wellness and an individualized training experience. Many of our graduates go on to additional sub-specialty training, while others choose general child neurology, academic, and private practice across the country. Our program will truly allow you to become whatever type of excellent child neurologist you wish to be.

For the 2024-2025 recruitment season we will be recruiting four residents into our categorical program, five years of training program (pediatrics and child neurology) here at the University of Colorado.

We’re looking for residents with a strong track-record of excellence in their medical training who are great communicators, team-players, and want to help us continue to improve our training program year after year. We strive to have a diverse residency that mirrors our surrounding community. As the only free-standing children’s hospital in Colorado, this encompasses our large metro area of Denver as well as our seven-state catchment area in the Mountain West.

As a resident here, most of your training will take place at the Children’s Hospital Colorado, where you will be led by our large faculty of over 60 child neurologists with expertise in inpatient neurology, critical care, neuro-immunology, stroke, neuro-genetics, epilepsy, neuromuscular disease, neurocutaneous disorders, headache, and general child neurology, among others. During the pediatric training years, as well as during the adult neurology training year, our residents rotate at Denver Health, a large safety-net hospital, providing care to nearly 25% of Denver's population, including the under and uninsured.

We also offer an optional 5-year longitudinal interest track system, allowing incoming residents to pick a specific area of interest including research, global health, community neurology, or medical education. Residents will spend at least four months over their training dedicated to this track, with didactic, clinical, and research components built-in as appropriate.

Thank you for considering our program. We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and learn more about your choice to pursue child neurology.


Teri Schreiner, MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics, Section of Child Neurology
Program Director, Child Neurology
Children’s Hospital Colorado
University of Colorado School of Medicine 


Education Team


Teri Schreiner, MD, MPH
Program Director

I came to Colorado from the east coast in 2006 after medical school and have never left! Prior to medical school I earned a master's degree in public health and worked as a healthcare consultant. I conduct clinical research, see patients and hold leadership roles within our section in addition to serving as the child neurology program director and pediatric neuroimmunology fellowship director.  Clinically, my focus is pediatric neuroimmunology, with a particular focus on pediatric onset multiple sclerosis and acute flaccid myelitis. I am married and have twin 6-year-olds in first grade.

CN Program Director

Elizabeth Troy, MD
Associate Program Director


I'm originally from south Louisiana but welcome the milder weather, mountain views, and inviting culture of the Centennial State. In 2014, I joined the team of Children's Hospital Colorado as a pediatrics intern and have been here ever since. My clinical focus is outpatient child neurology while my primary academic and research interest is medical education. During my time away from the hospital, my husband, daughter, son, and I enjoy local eats, gravel trails, and mountain towns. 

CN Associate Program Director

Andra Dingman, MD
Associate Program Director


I am originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, but was a 8-year Californian when I came to Colorado in 2010.  My clinical interests are neurocritical care, and specifically Neonatal Neurology.  In addition to attending on the Neuro-ICU service I see patients in the Neonatal Neurology clinic and oversee the NICU Hospital discharge clinic, a resident clinic for NICU grads that need to establish Neurology follow up care.  I also run a basic-translational research lab studying cellular mechanisms of injury repair after neonatal stroke. 


Laura Konopka, MST
Education Senior Coordinator

I joined the team in 2019 bringing a background in Human Resources and Science Education. Coordinating the residency program is a natural blend of these two areas for me with the added benefit of no grading. After work you can frequently find me in local parks, breweries, museums, and the botanical gardens with my family. Someday soon my sons will be old enough for us to introduce them to the joys of skiing, and hiking in the Rocky Mountains!

Laura Konapka

Priscilla Harlan
Education Coordinator

I joined the education team in January 2024, after working in Neurology on the Children’s side for over 17 years. Outside of work I spend my time with my husband and our two young kids at the park, library, going out to restaurants, or hanging at home with our dog. I also enjoy watching almost any sport, especially football and hockey. 



PGY 5 - Child Neuro Residents


Katie Bonds, DO

Hometown: Greeley Colorado

Undergraduate School: Abilene Christian University

Medical School: Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Hobbies: Hanging out with family and baking

Why Colorado: I fell in love with Colorado's program after I met all the wonderful people! We were also looking to move back home to be close to family which made Colorado the perfect fit.


Michael Enriquez, MD

Hometown: Stockton, California

Undergraduate School: San Francisco State University

Medical School: Latin American School of Medicine

Hobbies: I enjoy playing soccer, hiking and camping, and spending time in the parks with my dogs

Why Colorado: Colorado is a beautiful state, with lots of outdoor activities. The culture is great as well, people really value a work-life balance, and folks are very friendly.


Jerry Jewell, MD

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Undergraduate School: University of Texas at Dallas

Medical School: McGovern Medical School at University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Hobbies: 1. Music/Bassist 2. Hiking/Exploring outdoors 3. Video Games

Why Colorado: Great setting, with a great program, with great people, namely a group of residents that I could tell were truly friends, in a way that I wanted to join that group.


Eileen Ser, MD

Hometown: Germantown, Maryland

Undergraduate School: University of Maryland (go Terps!)

Medical School: Penn State College of Medicine

Hobbies: Hiking, skiing, and camping

Why Colorado: Colorado checked off the most important items on my residency wish list - outstanding pediatric and neurology training, down-to-earth and big-hearted colleagues, and incredible location for recreational activities, with particular emphasis on the latter two points. I am humbled by and grateful for my co-residents every day, and am lucky that they have become my family. Additionally, it is a gift to have the Rockies as out backyard to explore on days off.

Ser,Eileen (171) 2019


PGY 4 - Child Neuro Residents


Jaisyn Glickman, MD

Hometown: Delray Beach, Florida


Undergraduate School: Floria State University


Medical School: FAU Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine


Hobbies: Spending time outdoors (especially with my 2 pups), hiking, skiing, cooking/eating, reading, spending time with my lovely co-residents


Why Colorado: I chose Colorado because I felt most at home with the culture of the group. They value inclusivity, collegiality and feeling passionate about both your profession and your life outside of work. Also, the geographical opportunities were a major draw. It allows me to train in a places where I can also engage in so many exciting hobbies and outings during my time off. 

Jaisyn Glickman

Sarah Guistolisi, MD

Hometown: Griffith, Indiana

Undergraduate School: Indiana University

Medical School: Chicago Medical School at RFUMS

Hobbies: Being a mom, thrifting, painting and multiple other forms of art, medical and non-medical creative writing, hiking, spending time outdoors

Why Colorado: I loved the academic but inviting feel of the hospital and specifically, the Child Neurology section. I love that every season here has something great to offer - it's easy to escape the summer heat with the many local pools or the higher elevation of the mountains, and winter is mild but has so many great activities like skiing and snow-shoeing, festivals. The weather is almost always beautiful, which is such a treat coming from the Midwest. We love being outside at parks and exploring the many museums, restaurants, and breweries of Denver. Additionally, I have come to realize over the last few years that Denver is a really wonderful place to raise children.


Mollie Lesser, MD

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois 

Undergraduate School: University of Michigan (GO BLUE!)

Medical School: Rush University Medical College

Hobbies: Dancing, soccer, skiing, hiking, hanging by the pool, exploring local restaurants

Why Colorado: I love being able to explore the outdoors and hang out in a city on my days off! Colorado gives me a great combination of being able to learn at both a large Children's hospital with complex patients and patients with rare diseases, as well as the community hospital, Denver Health. When I came to visit Denver for my interview I knew it was the right fit for me with a super welcoming group of residents who have fun together outside of work!

Kelsey Patterson, MD, PhD

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Undergraduate School: UC Berkeley/University of Alabama at Birmingham

Medical School: University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine

Hobbies: Running, gardening, home improvement projects, hiking with the dogs

Why Colorado: I was sold on the natural beauty and amazing outdoor opportunities that exist here in Denver and on the front range. CHCO is a top program and provides a depth and breadth of exposure to everything you might expect to see in your future career. To top it off, there is an unmatched level of camaraderie among the residents, both pediatric and neurology, which makes life in residency SO much better.


Amy Young, MD

Hometown: Minnetonka, Minnesota

Undergraduate School: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Medical School: University of Colorado

Hobbies: Bouldering, Hiking, Biking, Volleyball in the park, Painting

Why Colorado: I love the people! I went to medical school here (CU School of Medicine) and was able to meet many of the Child Neurology residents, fellows, attendings, nurses and other staff members during my rotations throughout 3rd and 4th year and felt so welcomed. I met many inspiring physicians in the field of Child Neurology who were excellent care providers, researchers and educators (who I continue to look up to and aspire to be), and found that they also really valued their lives outside of medicine in addition to their careers. The residents seemed to have fun together at work and enjoyed getting together outside of work. I also picked up many different hobbies here while in medical school that I wanted to continue during residency. I love all the outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer and spend most of my time outside the hospital with friends at the climbing gym, hiking, biking or at City Park playing volleyball.



PGY 3 ​ ​​ ​​  

Emily Eichner, MD

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Undergraduate School: 

Northwestern University 

University of Vermont 

Napping, hiking, skiing, escape rooms, learning how to not kill garden plants, trying to teach my dog to run with me without tripping me

Why Colorado: because of the combination of excellent clinical training with a large patient population, multiple hospital experiences at both an academic center and a community hospital, and the amazing camaraderie between the residents. It's also such an incredible place to live with both the benefits of a big city and the ability to travel to beautiful mountains with endless activities.


Emily Eichner

Erin Guth, MD

Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia

Undergraduate School: Christopher Newport University 

Medical School: Eastern Virginia

Hobbies: DIY home renovation and design, hiking, sourdough baking, taste testing my husband's homemade cider and wine 

Why Colorado: I was initially drawn to this program because of the exposure to mentors in my subspecialty of interest as well as the large catchment area (meaning I would get to see all kinds of cool pathology). Once I began getting to know the people and the location, I knew this was the right program for me! I also felt strongly that as someone who entered residency with a partner, I needed to find a program and location that would help my not-in-medicine partner thrive, since ultimately he spends more time outside of work than I do. This was absolutely the right program to accomplish that goal! Not only have the program and my fellow residents/fellows been incredibly welcoming to my partner, but Denver has offered all the activities he could want to do in his free time. 

Erin Guth

Anna Leigh McVicar, MD

Hometown: Henderson, KY

Undergraduate: University of Kentucky

Medical school: University of Louisville

Hobbies: reading, hiking, and camping/mountain weekends/brewery hopping with friends

Why Colorado: It cannot be overstated: THE PEOPLE. Residency can be difficult at times, so having a support system of like minded, hilarious, and kind co-residents makes all the difference. Also, it doesn’t just stop with my co-residents. The faculty within this program and the peds program are some of the most welcoming, intelligent, and supportive people I have ever met. Colorado has given me the autonomy to grow into the physician I want to be, while also maintaining a safe and inviting learning environment where it is okay to make mistakes and ask questions. This was evident to me from day one. Also, having the opportunity to spend your days off in places people normally plan entire vacations for doesn’t hurt. 

AL McVicar

Lucas Morgan, MD

Hometown: Elkhart, IN

Undergraduate: Butler University

Medical school: Indiana University

Hobbies: playing the piano, hiking, scuba diving

Why Colorado: During my interview/happy hour, it looked like the residents really got along and genuinely enjoyed being around each other. I had an attending in medical school tell me that, "as long as you're around people you like, you can be happy," which I think holds true and is the main reason I'm here! (In addition to the mountains, Red Rocks, etc.)

Lucas Morgan


PGY 2 - 2nd year Pediatrics Resident

Chelsea Lee, MD

PGY 1 - 1st year Pediatrics Resident

Tristan Brown, MD

Savannah Bush, MD

Jason Glanzman, MD

Lauren Hurst, MD

Grace Newell, MD

Jacob Story, MD


Residents graduating from our program enjoy continued success in a variety of different areas, which include academic positions, continued educational advancement, and neurology practice. Child Neurology graduates are in high demand both in Colorado and around the country.


Mission Statement

Our residency program:

  • is dedicated to providing world class neurological pediatric care to our patients
  • will formally educate residents and facilitate scholarly investigations in the areas of basic science, clinical science, educational, and quality improvement research
  • will actively promote the personal and professional growth of the residents through mentorship, acknowledgement and promotion of work-life balance, and a supportive and challenging learning environment
  • will promote the health and well-being of residents throughout their training through innovative ideas
  • will provide multiple avenues for communication with the residency and department leadership and create a process for ongoing self-improvement as our program changes over time
  • will foster an environment dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion that extends to our patients, trainees, and faculty through recruitment, education, and mentorship


General Program Overview

Children's Hospital Colorado and the University of Colorado School of Medicine's Departments of Neurology and Pediatrics offer a five-year categorical residency in child neurology. We train 4 residents per year.

The goal of the program is to train physicians in child neurology and prepare them for careers in clinical or academic medicine. As a residency training program, the program curriculum is designed to meet two objectives: to independently and competently attend to the neurological disorders of childhood and to prepare residents to sit for board exams at the completion of the program. The Child Neurology Residency Program at the University of Colorado School of Medicine has been training pediatric neurology residents since the 1960s. Formal ACGME accreditation has been continuous since guidelines for this program were established in 1988.

To date, more than 50 residents have trained here since the program’s inception. All child neurology faculty are certified by the ABPN with special qualification in child neurology and have diverse interests and skills to provide the breadth of teaching necessary. See "Our Patients” tab for more details. The main office and the majority of clinical services are located at Children’s Hospital Colorado, in Aurora, Colorado.

We also provide clinical services through Children’s Hospital Colorado Network of Care centers in Broomfield, Denver, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Wheat Ridge, Parker, and Colorado Springs. Additional outreach locations include: Durango, Grand Junction, Alamosa, and internationally in Guatemala.

We train physicians to provide compassionate, high quality, evidence-based care to children with neurologic disorders within today’s healthcare environment while supporting resident wellness. Child Neurology graduates are in high demand, both in Colorado and around the country. Residents graduating from our program enjoy continued success in a variety of different areas, including academic positions, fellowship training programs, and private neurology practice. Furthermore, in the past 10+ years, we have a 100% pass rate for the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Child Neurology board examination.


Social Media

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Our program meets the requirements for categorical child neurology training as set by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), which are

  • 24 months of general pediatrics training

  • 12 months of adult clinical neurology

  • 12 months of child clinical neurology with a minimum of four months of outpatient experience

  • Participation in a resident longitudinal/continuity clinic at least one half day weekly

  • 12 months of elective and specialty training including: neuropathology, neuroradiology, neuro-ophthalmology, psychiatry, rehabilitation, neurological surgery, neurodevelopment, clinical research, and the basic sciences

We are committed to education and work-life balance. Our schedule is compliant with all ACGME duty hour regulations and allows our residents the personal time to spend with loved ones and enjoy the beauty of Colorado. Patient care responsibilities are meant to ensure a balance between patient care and education that achieves for the trainee an optimal educational experience consistent with the best medical care. Patient care responsibilities include inpatient, outpatient and consultation experiences.

We now offer a 5-year longitudinal track system that will allow our residents to specialize in a specific area. During the second year of training, our residents will pick a specific track that will allow them 4 months (1 month per year) to focus on training in their area of interest.

PGY 1&2
  • General Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Colorado
  • longitudinal track experience in
  • 6 months: adult neurology inpatient ward service at University of Colorado Hospital (UCH), & Denver Health Medical Center (DH)
  • 2 months: adult neurology outpatient clinical adult neurology at UCH, VA, DH

  • 2 months: blended pediatric/adult electives in subspecialty areas of neurology including neurophysiology, neuromuscular and pathology.

  • 1 month: child neurology inpatient (primary and consult), ICU, & emergency consult services

  • 1 month: Child neurology elective

  • Continuity clinic in child neurology at CHCO; one-half day weekly

For more specific information regarding Adult Neurology training program, please visit the Adult Neurology website.

PGY 4​
  • 3- 4 months: child neurology inpatient (primary and consult services), ICU & emergency consult services
  • 3- 4 months: core electives in neurophysiology, neuroradiology, neuro-oncology

  • 2 months: rotating outpatient clinics in child neurology, genetics, rehabilitation, neuromuscular, development, psychiatry, metabolic disease

  • 1 month: blended pediatric/adult electives in pathology

  • 2-3 months: elective in research and/or clinical setting

  • Continuity clinic in child neurology at CHCO; one-half day weekly

  • 3 months: child neurology inpatient (primary and consult services), ICU & emergency consult services

  • 2 months: remaining core electives in neurophysiology, neuroradiology, neuro-oncology

  • 1 month: inpatient psychiatry (3 weeks) & medical risk management (1 week)

  • 2-3 months: rotating outpatient clinics in child neurology, genetics, rehabilitation, neuromuscular, development, psychiatry, metabolic disease

  • 1 month: adult neurology outpatient clinical adult neurology at UCH

  • 2-3 months: electives in research and/or clinical settings

  • Continuity clinic in child neurology at CHCO; one-half day weekly

Longitudinal Interest Tracks

We currently support four resident interest tracks that span our 5-year training program; research, medical education, global health, and community neurology;

Research Interest Track – this track is designed for residents with a strong basic science background and in interest in pursuing a career as a physician scientist. We support one resident per year to forgo eligibility for general pediatric board certification and complete six months of basic science research during their PGY2 year in lieu of traditional clinical pediatrics rotations. We will match you with a mentor during your PGY1 year and can support additional longitudinal research months in the PGY4-5 years as desired.

Medical Education – this track is designed for residents interested in becoming clinician educators or improving their education skills. Residents will participate in the Medical Educators track as organized by the Pediatrics residency program throughout their five years which includes courses, didactics, journal clubs, and small group sessions. They will also participate in an educational research project or curriculum development project under the mentorship of one of our education faculty within neurology and/or pediatrics

Global Health – this track is designed for residents interested in the practice of medicine and neurology internationally. Residents will participate in the Global Health track through the pediatrics residency program in their PGY1-2 years, including an intro to global health course and an international elective at our sister clinic in Guatemala. Additional international experiences in the PGY3-5 years might include educational or quality improvement rotations in Ethiopia or Tanzania. Residents will complete a scholarly project in global health.

Community Neurology – this track is designed for residents interested in practicing general outpatient neurology either in a private community or primarily clinical academic setting. This track will incorporate a scholarly project related to outpatient neurology as well as outreach experiences at many of our rural locations throughout Colorado, in addition to a didactic component dedicated to general outpatient management and practice.

Night Coverage

Our program currently uses a modified night float system that combines an on-site evening shift with at-home call. Residents in their PGY4 and PGY5 years rotate through our nights system, for a total of 5-6 weeks over the course of each year. Residents in the PGY3 year do a total of 5-6 weeks of night coverage split between the Pediatric and the Adult programs. 

Internat​ional Experie​nces​

The pediatric residency program has an established relationship with Trifinio (FUNSALUD) clinic in Guatemala where our residents can participate in education and research in collaboration with our general pediatrics program and the local training hospital in Guatemala City.

The child neurology program has an established relationship with two hospitals in Uganda.

Educational Conferences​ and Didactic​s


Noon - EEG Conference


7:30am - Neuroradiology Conference: with neurology, neurosurgery, and neuroradiology faculty and trainees


12-1pm - Neurology Department Grand Rounds


2-5pm - Neurology Residency Didactics Educational series


12:30pm - Child Neurology Lecture Series


12-1 pm- Case Conference,

Program Evaluati​on

Our residents are highly involved in decision-making processes. In our monthly resident meetings, we discuss all aspects on the program. An education committee comprised of the faculty and at least one of the child neurology residents meets bi-annually to review various aspects of the training program. In addition, we hold a yearly retreat and multiple off-site gatherings each year. More program details can be found online in our GME Program Handbook and Policy Manual Child Neurologyy. Additionally, information regarding the University of Colorado Graduate Medical Education Office, policies/procedures, and resident stipends/benefits can be found on the GME website. ​

The section of child neurology is nationally recognized for providing outstanding consultation, clinical care, and surgery for children and adolescents with neurological disorders. Our department is a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy, neuromuscular diseases, pediatric stroke, and genetic disorders affecting the nervous system. Children's Hospital Colorado has an eight state referral area which ensures an incredibly rich educational experience for our residents.

The section of child neurology currently has over 60 faculty members including: physicians, neuropsychologists, researchers, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. The section of child neurology treats approximately 14,000 patients per year on the inpatient services and in our outpatient clinics.

As a resident in our program you will have the opportunity to evaluate and treat patients in our outpatient clinics including:

Neurology ClinicsMultidisciplinary Clinics
· General Neurology Clinic
· Hospital Discharge Clinic
· Headache and Integrative · Headache Clinic
· Biofeedback
· Epilepsy Clinic
· Ketogenic Diet Clinic
· Multiple Sclerosis Clinic
· Non-Epileptic Spells Clinic
· Complex
·Neuropsychology Services
· 22Q Deletion Clinic

· Accidental Brain Injury Clinic (with rehab, PT/OT/ST, social work, and school support services)
· CMT Clinic
· Epilepsy Surgery Clinic (Neurosurgery, Neuropsychology)
· Neuro-immunology Clinic
· Neurogenetic Clinic (with genetic counselors and genetics)
· Neuromuscular Clinic (with rehab, pulmonology, nutrition)
· Neurofibromatosis (with neuro-oncology)
· Non-Accidental Brain Injury Care Clinic (with Rehab, PT/OT/ST, child protection team, social work, neuropsychology)
· Rett Clinic
· Stroke Clinic (with Rehab, neurosurgery, hematology)
· Neonatal Clinic
· Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic (with cardiology, nephrology)
· Neuro-Opthalmology

Rural Clinical Experiences

Our team regularly travels to locations throughout the Rocky Mountain Region giving patients access to specialty care in more remote locations. Residents participate in at least one outreach clinic trip in each of their PGY 4 and 5 years.​

Applications are accepted only through the Electronic Residency Application Service, and we participate in the National Residency Match Program.

Application Process

When applying to the University of Colorado Child Neurology Residency Program, please consider the following requirements:

  • We only accept applications through the Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS).
  • Please do not mail, e-mail, or fax any applications
  • We welcome applications from Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine and International Medical Graduates

We are a categorical program and currently offer four categorical positions with pediatrics. All applicants must apply directly on ERAS to only the University of Colorado Child Neurology program and submit the requirements as specified below. A separate pediatrics application is not required.

  • Your ERAS application must include the following minimum requirements:
      • CV
      • Dean's Letter or MSPE
      • Medical School Transcript
      • Personal Statement
      • Three (3) Letters of Recommendation
      • United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step I
  • Our residents come from a variety backgrounds and experiences. Please review the Selection Criteria.
  • Deadlines: The ERAS application opens up on September 29 and our deadline is November 1. New or incomplete application materials received after this date may not be reviewed.
  • If you match with our program, you will spend 2 years as a pediatric resident at the University of Colorado before moving to the child neurology residency program in PGY3.

Child Neurology Criteria for Intern, Resident and Fellow Selection


1. Dedication to Pediatric Neurological Care

  • Demonstrated commitment to providing compassionate and world-class neurological care to pediatric patients.
  • Understanding of the unique challenges and considerations involved in pediatric neurology.

2. Commitment to Education and Research

  • Eagerness to engage in educational activities and contribute to scholarly investigations.
  • Interest in scholarly activity, which could include basic science, clinical science, educational, and/or quality improvement research.

3. Emphasis on Personal and Professional Growth

  • Willingness to actively participate in personal and professional development opportunities.

4. Advocacy for Wellness

  • Advocacy for innovative initiatives promoting the health and well-being of colleagues throughout their training.

5. Effective Communication and Feedback

  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively.
  • Willingness to engage in ongoing feedback processes for personal and programmatic improvement.

6. Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Understanding of the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in patient care, training, and faculty development.
  • Willingness to actively contribute to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for patients, trainees, and faculty.


These criteria aim to ensure that residents and fellows selected for our programs are aligned with our core principles and are dedicated to contributing positively to the program's mission and values.


Interview Day

Once selected to interview you will work with Laura Konopka, program coordinator, to schedule your child neurology and pediatrics interview. Both programs will use Thalamus for the interview scheduling process. All interviews will be conducted virtually for the 2023-2024 recruitment season. 

Candidates with MD/PhD degrees will also meet with research faculty during their interview day.

There will be a virtual social event at the end of your interview day to provide all applicants a chance to interact with current residents.

A final agenda will be sent to you with interview/social logistics prior to your interview date.

2024-2025 Interview days


Salary and Benefits

The University of Colorado offers salary and benefits packages that are competitive with other fellowship programs across the country. View current salary levels. In addition to the University provided benefits the program provides $225 to purchase books and $1250 a year to attend conferences.


The Mile High City is nestled at the eastern base of the Rocky Mountains and is the largest city in the region with a population of 2.8 million. Denver enjoys one of the best climates in the country, with 300 days/year of sunny skies. Although it snows in the winter, the snow melts quickly and temperatures are usually moderate. Hot summer days give way to cool summer evenings. The city is the home to dozens of highly rated restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. The city attracts many outdoor enthusiasts with its extensive system of hiking and bike trails and the largest city park system in the country. The Denver Center for the Performing Arts is the largest performing arts complex under one roof in the country and attracts many of the top national theater tours each year. Red Rocks Amphitheater, a natural amphitheater in the foothills west of town attracts the nation’s top touring musical talent throughout the summer. Denver is home to the Denver Broncos (NFL), the Denver Nuggets (NBA), the Colorado Rockies (MLB), the Colorado Avalanche (NHL), the Colorado Rapids (MLS) and the Colorado Outlaws (MLL). The University of Colorado, the state flagship school and a world-class educational institution, is based in nearby Boulder. In addition, Denver is the gateway to the Rocky Mountains, which offer abundant recreational and sightseeing opportunities year round. The state of Colorado is home to over 20 major ski areas, many of which are within 2 hours of the city. For more information, please visit the Denver Travel and Visitor Bureau.

Contact Us

Please address any application questions to:
Laura Konopka
Education Coordinator for the Department of Child Neurology
Children's Hospital Colorado
Child Neurology Residency
13123 East 16th Avenue, B-155
Aurora, Colorado 80045
Tel: (720) 777-0595 
Email Laura

Adam Finney
Education Coordinator for the Department of Child Neurology
Children's Hospital Colorado
Child Neurology Fellowships
13123 East 16th Avenue, B-155
Aurora, Colorado 80045
Tel: (720) 777-2704
Email Adam

Diversity / Equity / Inclusion


We are committed to creating a diverse environment for students, residents, fellows, and faculty. We believe that an environment of inclusiveness and respect promotes excellence and that a setting where diversity is valued leads to the training of physicians who are prepared to practice culturally effective medicine and meet the needs of the various populations we serve. Visit our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion webpage for more....

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