Meet Our Fellows!

Class of 2024

Doria, Nicole

Hometown: Miami, FL

College: University of Florida

Medical School: George Washington University

Residency: University of Pittsburgh

Interests within GI/Career Goals: General Gastroenterology, Minority Health

Hobbies: Road biking, hiking, skiing, tennis, traveling, road trips.

Favorite Thing about Living in Colorado: Being so close to the mountains, having amazing views and so much sunshine! I love how many different activities I can do here all year round, there is definitely something for everyone :)

Li, Nanxing

Hometown: Denver, CO

College: CU Boulder

Medical School: University of South Florida

Residency: University of Colorado

Interests within GI/Career Goals: General GI and medical education

Hobbies: Skiing, traveling, paddle boarding with my dog, tennis, checking out new restaurants, and hosting get-togethers.

Favorite Thing about Living in Colorado: Living in a sizable city but also having close access to the outdoors with activities for every season.

Meyers, Matthew

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

College: UNC Chapel Hill

Medical School: UNC School of Medicine

Residency: Vanderbilt University

Interests within GI/Career Goals: I am interested in all aspects of GI and hepatology. I'll be doing the accelerated GI/Transplant Hepatology 3 year track and couldn't be more excited!

Hobbies: Hiking, camping, running, biking, skiing, Denver sports leagues, Red Rocks shows, wannabe surfer/bass player.

Favorite Thing about Living in Colorado: Can you answer everything? The best part about living in Denver is you get the major aspects of a city while being able to do something outside no matter the time of year.

Simril, Trey

Hometown: Lake Wylie, SC

College: Clemson University

Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)

Residency: University of Colorado

Interests within GI/Career Goals: General GI & care for LGBTQ+ populations

Hobbies: Walking/playing with our puppy Diego, skiing, Netflix, biking to check out the many breweries Denver has to offer.

Favorite Thing about Living in Colorado: Having all of the benefits of living in a city (without being an overwhelmingly large city), with proximity to the mountains/outdoors.

Wang, Jing Zhou

Hometown: Beijing, China

College: University of Toronto

Medical School: University of Virginia

Residency: University of Chicago

Interests within GI/Career Goals: IBD

Hobbies: Golfing, fishing, snowboarding and traveling.

Favorite Thing about Living in Colorado: The weather, the people and the outdoors.

Class of 2025

Enke, Thomas Photo

Hometown: Omaha, NE

College: Augustana College

Medical School: University of Nebraska Medical Center

Residency: McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University

Interests within GI/Career Goals: I am interested in pursuing a career in advanced therapeutic endoscopy.

Hobbies: I enjoy hiking, skiing, basketball and baking.

Favorite Thing about Living in Colorado: I have really enjoyed the easy access to a variety of outdoor activities. Most of my spare weekends have been spent at the park, hiking or skiing.

Karl, Taylor Photo

Hometown: Los Gatos, CA

College: University of Pennsylvania

Medical School: Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University

Residency: University of Colorado

Interests within GI/Career Goals: Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Hobbies: Swimming, backpacking, skiing, reading, watching movies, playing the ukulele.

Favorite Thing about Living in Colorado: The sunshine, the snow, and La Fillette breakfast sandwiches.

Perez, Irene Photo

Hometown: Miami, FL

College: Florida International University

Medical School: University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

Residency: University of Virginia

Interests within GI/Career Goals: 
- Interests within GI: General GI with a special interest in advanced polypectomy
- Career goals: Becoming an academic gastroenterologist with a special interest in teaching

Hobbies: Dancing, watching cooking shows and trying new recipes, making jewelry, and going to different coffee shops.

Favorite Thing about Living in Colorado: La Fillette Bakery.

Robateau, Anthony Photo

Hometown: Vega Baja, Puerto Rico

College: Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico

Medical School: Ponce Health Sciences University

Residency: Mayo Clinic Rochester

Interests within GI/Career Goals: General and Transplant Hepatology / Health Disparities In GI and Hepatology.

Hobbies: Classic Guitar, Reading, Weight Lifting, Hiking, Biking, SUP.

Favorite Thing about Living in Colorado: The sunshine and mountains!

Scolaro, Jack Photo

Hometown: Lubbock, Texas

College: University of Texas

Medical School: Texas Tech

Residency: University of Colorado

Interests within GI/Career Goals: Colorectal cancer prevention. Particularly identification of and prevention of cancer in populations that are high risk to develop colorectal cancer.

Hobbies: Skiing, hiking, gardening.

Favorite Thing about Living in Colorado: The weather and proximity to outdoor activities. There is always something to do in the area outdoors - which is great for time off and when friends/family come to visit. I also love the laid-back vibe of the city and people who live here.

Class of 2026

Arar, Amar

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

College: University of Texas at Austin

Medical School: University of Texas San Antonio Health

Residency: University of Colorado

Interests within GI/Career Goals: My goal is to become an academic gastroenterologist with a specific interest in either inflammatory bowel disease or esophageal diseases.

Hobbies: In my free time I enjoy running, hiking, and weight lifting. I’m a big sports fan and like the Nuggets, Spurs, Rockies, and Avs.

Favorite Thing about Living in Colorado: Some of my favorite things about living in Colorado include running down the cherry creek trail, hiking across Colorado, and exploring local parks in Denver.

Campbell, Braidie

Hometown: Surrey, British Columbia

College: Amherst College

Medical School: Tufts University

Residency: University of Colorado

Interests within GI/Career Goals: During residency, I worked on outcomes research in Acute on Chronic Liver Failure and plans to pursue additional outcomes research during fellowship and advanced training in transplant hepatology. 

Hobbies: I love all things outdoors, including hiking, biking, mountain sports in the winter, and lake sports in the summer. My newest outdoor passions are bike rides and playground sessions with my son, Aidan, and husband, Rory. We are all avid sports fans but the jury is still out on whether or not their son will be a Bruins or Avs fan!

Favorite Thing about Living in Colorado: Access to the outdoors and the people, an unparalleled zest for life and adventuring. The sunshine is a also huge perk as it lets you take advantage of all of the outdoor exploring!

Davis, Christian

Hometown: Wichita, KS

College: Kansas State

Medical School: University of Kansas

Residency: University of Colorado

Interests within GI/Career Goals: Luminal GI/Barrett's esophagus.

Hobbies: Exercising and watching movies.

Favorite Thing about Living in Colorado: Outdoor activities (skiing, camping, hiking) and nice weather.

Henneberg, Cameron

Hometown: Pasadena, CA

College: Princeton University

Medical School: Boston University

Residency: UCLA

Interests within GI/Career Goals: Undecided but love being involved in medical education.

Hobbies: Swimming, American literature, bartending, Duolingo.

Favorite Thing about Living in Colorado: The wide array of outdoor things to do all year round!

Torres, Jon

Hometown: San Juan, PR

College: University of Miami

Medical School: University of Colorado

Residency: University of Washington

Interests within GI/Career Goals: I am interested in Endobariatrics, Device Innovation in GI, Therapeutic Endoscopy, and Systems Improvement, specifically as it relates to endoscopy suite efficiency and ASC optimization.

Hobbies: Spending time with my wife and two kids. I am an instrument rated pilot and love to get out and fly around whenever I can. Additionally, I love all the outdoor things you can imagine: skiing, mountain biking, camping, fishing, climbing, hiking, and more.

Favorite Thing about Living in Colorado: I love the great outdoors, and mountain therapy is my favorite form of personal rejuvenation. Combine this with 4 seasons, 300+ days of sunlight, great community and mild winters in Denver, its my happy place.

4th Year Fellow

2023-2024, Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy

Kusuma Pokala, MD
Diana Lerner, MD

2023-2024, Transplant Hepatology

Matthew Meyers, MD
Kathleen Yan, MD

Past Fellows

 Graduates of Gastroenterology Fellowship

Katie Scholand, MD
Chris Haydek, MD
John Haydek, MD
Kusuma Pokala, MD
Kathleen Yan, MD

Paul Hobbs, MD
Elijah Mun, MD
Jonathan Rice, MD
Eric Swei, MD
Timothy Yen, MD
David Cristin, MD
Prashanth Francis, MD, PhD
Blake Jones, MD 
Emily Jonica, MD
Anjali Parekh, MD
Dempsey Hughes, MD
Jennifer Kolb, MD
Larissa Muething, MD
Joshua Turkeltaub, MD
Ashley Vachon, MD
Kelli DeLay, MD
Samuel Han, MD
Avash Kalra, MD
Emilie Regner, MD
Kristina Ross, MD
Bryan Brimhall, MD
Carlene Chun, MD, PhD
Ruhail Kohli, MD
Chetan Mittal, MBBS
Kathleen Nilles, MD 

Birtukan Cinnor, MD
James Higham-Kessler, MD
Stephen New, MD
Eric Nordstrom, MD
Kenika Robinson, MD

Jennifer Czwornog, MD
Robert Isfort, MD
Joshua Obuch, MD
Courtney Pigott, MD
David Sprague, MD
Meghan Jankowski, MD
Daniel Kao, MD, PhD
Michael Kriss, MD
Heather Laskey, MD
Ryan McWilliams, MD
Annette Tobar, MD
Emily Ward, MD
Joel Wedd, MD

Swati Patel, MD

Andrew Samuelson, MD

Amanda Wieland, MD

Alvaro Martinez-Camacho MD
Blair Fennimore, MD
Kevin Rufner, MD
Ariana Wallack, MD
Jeffrey Duman, MD
Brett Fortune, MD
Rich Foster, MD
Mark Gerich, MD
Jonathan Goldstein, MD
J. Christie Heller, MD
Miranda Ku, MD
D. Rayburn Moore, MD

J. Andy Mengshol, MD

Stevany Peters, MD

Matthew Sericati, MD

Matthew Quallick, MD


Russ R. Arjal, MD

Geoffrey Jensen, MD

Hanna M. Kraus, MD

Lyssa N. Chacko, MD
Fernando S. Carreira, MD
Aliya G. Hasan, MD
Matthew T. Nichols, MD
Aaron C. Baltz, MD
John M.C. Coombes, MD
Clark Kulig, MD
Kevin Sieja, MD
Daus Mahnke, MD
Erik J. Pieramici, MD, JD
Augustin R. Attwell, MD
Stephen P. Laird, MD
Tom Matzakos, MD
Erik W. Springer, MD


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