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Danielle Royer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Danielle Royer Anschutz Modern Human Anatomy
 Ph.D., Interdepartmental Doctoral Program in Anthropological Sciences, Stony Brook University, 2009
 Anatomia: Dissecting the Theory and Practice of Teaching Anatomy

Graduate Program Affiliations:

Research Focus

I am passionate about dissecting the theory and practice of teaching anatomy.

My doctoral training is in Biological Anthropology (paleoanthropology specifically, the study of human evolution), and I've been involved in teaching human gross anatomy since 2004. While I continue to do some research in paleoanthropology, anatomy and medical education are now the main focus of my scholarship.

I develop and evaluate new curricula and teaching strategies for anatomy and medical education, including how ultrasound can be used to reinforce and apply anatomical knowledge, how using a flipped classroom/active learning model can improve understanding and retention, and how anatomy can be more effectively integrated into clinical education.

I work with graduate students in the Modern Human Anatomy master’s of science program and supervise MSA projects in the School of Medicine.

Recent Grants

​​​​2016 Co-PI, (with J. Corral, M. Stabio), Rymer Small Grants, University of Colorado, Academy of Medical Educators: A Framework for Mobile App Appraisal for Use in Health Professions Learning

2015 PI, Rymer Small Grants, University of Colorado, Academy of Medical Educators: Development of Plastinated Cadaveric Human Heart Models to Supplement Cardiac Ultrasound and Anatomy Training in Undergraduate Medical Education

Recent Publications

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