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Ernesto Salcedo, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Ernesto Salcedo Anschutz Modern Human Anatomy
 Ph.D., University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio, 2001



Graduate Program Affiliations:

About Me

I am a Sensory Neuroscientist with a passion for teaching. I currently teach Computer Programming, Digital Image Processing, and 3D modeling to graduate students in the Master of Science Modern Human Anatomy (MHA) program and in the Neuroscience graduate program at CU Anschutz. I also lecture extensively on functional neuroanatomy to graduate and dental students. I received my BS in Psychology from Duke University and my PhD in Molecular Medicine from the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio.

  • Course Director. Master of Science in Modern Human Anatomy program. ANAT 6205: Imaging and Modeling
  • Course Director. Master of Science in Modern Human Anatomy program. ANAT 6950Modern Human Anatomy Capstone Project Workshop.
  • Lecturer. Master of Science in Modern Human Anatomy program. ANAT 6310 Neuroanatomy
  • Lecturer. University of Colorado School of Dentistry. Body Systems Course Series—Central Nervous System.
  • Course Director. Graduate School. Neuroscience Program. BOOTCAMP: MATLAB fundamentals for neuroscientists.

Research Focus

My research has focused on the formation and maintenance of structures critical for olfaction. Specifically, I generated 3D models of the main olfactory bulb in order to investigate the role anatomical structure plays in function. In addition to publications in the Journal of Neuroscience, Chemical Senses, the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the Journal of Comparative Neurology, and PLoS ONE, I have co-authored opinions for the journal Trends in Neuroscience and a chapter in the Encyclopedia of Neuroscience. More recently, I have applied my expertise in imaging analysis and modeling to collaborate with many neuroscience faculty members at CU Anschutz. I have published in journals such as eNeuro, Development, and PloS Genetics. You can find a complete list of my publications here: 

I am a strong promotor of getting undergraduate students from underrepresented populations to participate in neuroscience research. I am the program director for an NINDS-funded summer internship program: the Neuroscience Colorado Research Experience (N-CORE). N-CORE is an alliance with graduate students from the Neuroscience graduate program. N-CORE gives URM undergraduate students from the Colorado metropolitan area authentic neuroscience research experiences in biomedical research labs at CU Anschutz. You can read more about N-CORE here: 


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