Departmental faculty and research groups integrate with strong interdisciplinary programs in Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Stem Cell Biology, Neuroscience, Molecular Biology and Structure, and research related to human disease.

Our various research projects involve laboratory training that gives young scientists an opportunity to learn and apply a broad range of technical and analytical skills as they develop towards scientific independence. The faculty and students in the CDB laboratories utilize a broad range of experimental systems including mammalian cell and tissue culture, as well as intact organisms including mice, rats, ground squirrels, zebrafish, flies, worms, and fungi, with the goal of applying fundamental discoveries from these systems to complex problems of human disease.

Linda Barlow, PhD

Barlow, Linda (Ph.D.)


Development and Regeneration of the Taste System

Brad Bendiak, PhD

Bendiak, Brad (Ph.D.)


Structural Analysis of Protein Glycosylation using NMR and Mass Spectrometry

John Caldwell, PhD

Caldwell, John (Ph.D.)


Functional Regulation of Ion Channels in Plasma Membranes and Golgi Membranes using Electrophysiology and Molecular Biology

Tom Evans, PhD

Evans, Tom (Ph.D.)

Associate Professor

Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Early Embryonic Development in C. Elegans using Genetic and Biochemical Approaches

Tom Finger, PhD

Finger, Tom (Ph.D.)


Development and Organization in Taste and Smell

Joan Hooper, PhD

Hooper, Joan (Ph.D.)

Associate Professor

Cell Determination, Developmental Patterning and Hedgehog Signaling in Drosophila

Ethan Hughes, PhD

Hughes, Ethan (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor

Oligodendrocytes and their Precursors in the Adult Central Nervous System

Lisa M. J. Lee, PhD

Lee, Lisa M.J. (Ph.D.)

Associate Professor

Developing Innovative, Cutting-Edge Virtual Educational Resources and Effective Pedagogies for the Health Science Professionals and Students

Chelsea Lohman Bonfiglio, PhD

Lohman Bonfiglio, Chelsea (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor

Clinical Neurodynamics, Anatomic Variants, Anatomic Education, Clinical Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, 3D Printing as it relates to Anatomic Education, and Anatomical Terminology

Wendy Macklin, PhD

Macklin, Wendy (Ph.D.)

Professor & Chair

Oligodendrocyte Differentiation and Myelination in the Central Nervous System

Sandy Martin, PhD

Martin, Sandy (Ph.D.)

Professor Emerita

Define the Molecular Mechanisms Responsible for Tissue Protection and Reversible Metabolic Depression in Hibernation by using High-Throughput-omnics Analyses

Michael McMurray, PhD

McMurray, Michael (Ph.D.)

Associate Professor

Mechanisms of Assembly and Inheritance of Dynamic Macromolecular Structures: Higher-order Septin Assemblies in Budding Yeast; Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Yeast Gametogenesis

Jeffrey K. Moore, PhD

Moore, Jeffrey K. (Ph.D.)

Associate Professor

Molecular Regulation of the Microtubule Network in Cell Division and Disease

Jessica Nelson, PhD

Nelson, Jessica (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor

Molecular, Cellular, and Circuit Mechanisms of Behavioral Plasticity

Caley Orr, PhD

Orr, Caley (Ph.D.)

Associate Professor

Paleoanthropology, Evolution of Hominin Bipedality, Adaptation to Manual Manipulation and Tool Behaviors, Primate Functional Morphology (focus on hands and feet), Biomechanics, 3D Morphometrics, Biomedical Imaging and Computer Modeling for Virtual Human and Comparative Anatomy

Chad Pearson, PhD

Pearson, Chad (Ph.D.)


Molecular Basis of Centriole Biogenesis and Stabilization for Centrosomes and Cilia

Rytis Prekeris, PhD

Prekeris, Rytis (Ph.D.)


The Role of Cell Polarity During Cell Division, Epithelial Tissue Morphogenesis and Cancer Cell Metastasis

Diego Restrepo, PhD

Restrepo, Diego (Ph.D.)


Olfactory Signal Transduction and Olfactory Sensory Coding Using Electrophysiological, Morphological, and Molecular Techniques

Danielle Royer, PhD

Royer, Danielle (Ph.D.)

Associate Professor

Developing Innovative, Cutting-edge Virtual Educational Resources and Effective Pedagogies for the Health Science Professionals and Students

Ernesto Salcedo Cell and Developmental Biology

Salcedo, Ernesto (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor

Developing innovative computational and qualitative curriculum and educational resources for the Modern Human Anatomy and Neuroscience graduate students. Image processing and 3D modeling techniques in sensory neuroscience. 

Vic Spitzer, PhD

Spitzer, Vic (Ph.D.)


Human Anatomy and Computed 3D Imaging

Maureen Stabio, PhD

Stabio, Maureen (Ph.D.)

Associate Professor

Development of MRI-based Anatomical Models for Neuroscience Education; Structure and Function of Retinal Ganglion Cells in Mouse Retina