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Welcome to the CHA/PA Preceptor Page. We want to thank all of our preceptors for their hard work and dedication! Read on for information on the advantages of precepting for CHA/PA, as well as links to evaluations and preceptor resources. Feel free to contact us with any curricular or general feedback, as we value your opinion!

Preceptor Assessment of Students​

The CHA/PA program utilizes an improved assessment method for clinical rotations. The process allows preceptors to assess student performance in a developmental approach. The assessment allows students to identify areas of improvement and strengths, guide their future educational goals, and provide a measure of their progress over three clinical years.

Preceptor mentoring a PA student in clinic

PDF Assessments

Print the appropriate CHA/PA student assessment form below. When complete, please fax to the CHA/PA office at 303-724-1350, attn: Clinical Team or email your scanned assessment to


1st Year Student Preceptor Assessment of Performance

2nd Year Student Preceptor Assessment of Performance

3rd Year Student Preceptor Assessment of Performance

IPE Provider Assessment



Electronic Assessments

Log into Typhon to evaluate any CHA/PA Students.

Why precept?

Precepting is an integral piece in CHA/PA's education of PA students. Physicians (MD/DO), PAs, CNMs and Nurse Practitioners can precept. Clinical mentoring offers you the opportunity for professional and personal development while mentoring PA students at various stages of their clinical education. Modeling provided by preceptors, in all types of clinical settings, provides students with a tremendous learning experience.

You may elect to mentor our first year students who have basic clinical skills, our second year students who have advanced clinical skills, and/or our third year students who can become an integral member of your provider team.

One of the best ways to identify a future PA colleague for your practice is to provide clinical preceptorships in your office!

One PA student takes another's pulse in a clinic

Interested in Precepting?

Contact Joyce Nieman or Janice Baker to learn more about precepting opportunities., 303-724-7288 or, 303-724-1336.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

See our CME webpage for a list of current educational opportunities!

Meet Our Clinical Team

See the Meet Our Clinical Team page to meet the people who are there to support your work as a preceptor.

Additional Resources

The documents below provide additional information on education and training for preceptors.

Also, CHA/PA students have access to a clinical rotation database that provides guidance and instructions for specific rotations. If you would like to update the information for your practice, please access the Clinical Site Information form.

CHA/PA Resources

Preceptor Handbook

Preceptor Brochure

What should I do if...

Outside Resources

Ask-Tell-Ask-Feedback Model

Incorporating Students into Patient Care Workflow

Introducing and Orienting a PA Student

One-Minute Preceptor


Tailoring Clinical Teaching