How to Apply

PA student in a white coat shaking hands with the program director

The 2022-23 admission cycle is closed.  The 2023-24 admission cycle will open late spring 2023.  The deadline for the CASPA and supplemental applications is September 1. The CASPA application needs to be complete (not verified) by September 1 to meet the deadline. CHA/PA has rolling admissions.

Required Materials for a complete CHA/PA Program Application

1. Verified CASPA application including three letters of recommendation.  The CASPA application is now open.

2. CHA/PA Program supplemental application and a nonrefundable $55 supplemental application fee. The supplemental application for the 2023-24 admission cycle will be available mid-May 2023.

3. CASPer is required for all applicants. CASPer is an online, video-scenario based, situational judgement test that assesses non-cognitive attributes. Results are valid for one admissions cycle. CASPer dates are posted each year on the CASPer website in mid-March. The last CASPer date we will accept for the 2023-24 admission cycle is August 27, 2023. You will be required to enter your CASPA ID for the CASPer assessment.  
* Neither the GRE nor the PA-CAT is required.
* We only review your CASPer score. We do not require or review the CASPer Snapshot. 

Note that all applicants are required to submit verification of COVID vaccination and COVID booster in order to interview.

Please be sure to make the following e-mail addresses safe to receive in your e-mail account:,,, and You should also check your Spam or Junk mail folders periodically to be sure that e-mails from CHA/PA and CASPA are received.