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CHA/PA Program Admissions Process

The University of Colorado PA Program is a participant in CASPA (Centralized Application Service for PAs).  To apply to our program, applicants must complete the CASPA application and a CHA/PA supplemental application. 

The selection process for the PA Program is highly competitive.  Potential applicants must demonstrate adequate preparedness to undertake the rigorous, accelerated program curriculum. Completion of prerequisite coursework, strength of the academic record, essays, letters of recommendation and interviews are all strongly considered in the admissions process.  Positions are offered to applicants who appear to be the most highly qualified to meet the mission and goals of the program in terms of academic potential and previous achievement, character, motivation and understanding of the profession, and life experience. Invitations for interviews are extended to competitive applicants who appear to have a good chance of being accepted to the program. Applicants may not be accepted without an in-person interview. We will attempt to accommodate special interview scheduling requests, however, this is not guaranteed.

Applications are considered once all required materials are received by the program.  Early submission of materials is highly encouraged as the program offers a rolling admissions process with interviews beginning in September.  Offers of acceptance are made on a continual basis until the class is filled.  Generally, admissions decisions are made by early spring.  Forty-four positions are offered annually.

Some candidates for the PA Program may be offered a position as an alternate.  Alternates not admitted to the program must reapply the next year.  Each applicant offered a position in the class, must acknowledge acceptance or decline no later than the prescribed time in the acceptance letter, generally 10 business days. A nonrefundable tuition deposit of $1,000 must accompany the acceptance.

Final acceptance is contingent upon passing a criminal background investigation and receipt of final transcripts for all outstanding prerequisites. All students must meet the technical standards of the PA Program to be considered for admission.