Pediatric Fellowship Core Curriculum

Three Year Core Curriculum

This educational series has been developed by the Committee on Fellowship Education to address areas  of scholarly interest common to all pediatric fellows. Nearly 100 sub-specialized physicians in training will attend 5-6 half-day seminars spread across their 3 years of fellowship. Attendance is mandatory and the trainee is excused from clinical responsibilities. In addition to providing core educational material, these sessions allow trainees in different disciplines and throughout the department to meet and interact with one another in an informal and collegial environment.

Session 1 - Fall

  • Introduction to Fellowship
  • Clinical Reasoning
  • Diagnostic Medical Errors

Session 2 - Winter

  • QI: Designing for Change
  • Developing Your Research Question
  • Subspecialty Careers by Design: Mindsets for Early Fellowship
  • IRB Process Research & Compliance for Pediatrics 

Session 3 - Spring

  • Mentorship Obligations: Finding a Mentor and Mentoring
  • Communication Around Serious Illnesses
  • Planning to Thrive: Strategies to Promote Resilience

Science QIPS Medical Education opportunities for CU fellows

Session 4 - Spring

  • Professionalism
  • Health Economics
  • Ethics in Pediatric Medicine

Session 5 - Spring

  • The Process of Finding a Job
  • The Job Search: Panel Discussion
  • DEI:  Health Disparities
  • Leadership Training

Session 6 - Fall

  • Fellow Wellness Check-In
  • Research Round Robin: Small Groups
  • Health Disparities

Session 7 -  Summer

  • Job Search - Interview Tips
  • Avoiding Medical Malpractice
  • Academic Portfolio and Promotion
  • Negotiating a Physician Contract
  • Personal Finance

Session 8 - Spring 

  • Wellness Check-In
  • Professional Development
  • Leadership Training

Supplemental Activities

Introduction to Fellowship Training
Biostatistics for Clinicians: A Short Course
Pediatric Spring Poster Session

Co-chairs of the Committee

​Faculty and Staff Members

​Fellow Members


Maureen Bauer, MD

  • Associate Professor of Pediatrics
  • Director, Training Program in Allergy-Immunology 

Megan Curran, MD

  • Associate Professor of Pediatrics
  • Director, Training Program in Pediatric Rheumatology

Donna Curtis, MD, MPH, MSPH

  • Associate Professor of Pediatrics
  • Director, Training Program in Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Thomas Parker, MD

  • Professor of Pediatrics
  • Vice Chair Medical Education
  • Director, Training Program in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine

Angela S. Czaja, MD, MSc


  • Associate Professor of Pediatrics
  • Co-Director SEELS Program
  • Director, Pediatric Critical Care
Nicolle Dyess, MD


  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Director, Training Program in Perinatal-Neonatal Medicine

Eliza Blanchette, MD

  • Assistant Professor
  • Director, Pediatrics-Nephrology

Lisa Umphrey, MD

  • Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
  • Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Lauren Hughes, CPCS

  • Director, Medical Staff Services and Medical Education

Josh Rosenfeld, MBA

  • Manager, Medical Education
Michael Baca, MHA


  • Pediatric Fellowship Education Coordinator
Jennifer Saulino


  • GME Program Manager

Lindsay Neveaux

  • GME Program Manager


Rachel Sewell, MD
  • 3rd Year Pediatric Endocrinology

Elizabeth Vargas, MD

  • 1st year Pediatric Endocrinology


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