Curriculum Development

Following are the Department of Pediatrics' past publications about Curriculum:

Career-Focused Education

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National Collaborative Guides for Curriculum

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Needs Assessment for Curriculum

Hamburger, E. K., J. L. Lane, D. Agrawal, C. Boogaard, J. L. Hanson, J. Weisz and M. Ottolini (2015). "The referral and consultation entrustable professional activity: defining the components in order to develop a curriculum for pediatric residents." Acad Pediatr 15(1): 5-8.

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Methods for Curriculum Delivery

Craddock, M. F., H. M. Blondin, M. J. Youssef, M. M. Tollefson, L. F. Hill, J. L. Hanson and A. L. Bruckner (2017). "Online education improves pediatric residents' understanding of atopic dermatitis." Pediatr Dermatol.

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Curriculum – MedEdPORTAL

Adolescent Interview – Coached role play Kaul, P.; Hanson, J (2013). "Teaching Adolescent Interviewing Skills." MedEdPORTAL. from

Refugee Health Electives

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Health Supervision – Clerkship Curriculum

Hanson, J., Balog, E., Pelzner, M. (2014). "Pediatric Health Supervision Curriculum: Instructor's Guide, Student Resources, Faculty Resources and Assessment Tools." MedEdPORTAL. from

Refugee Health – Electives

Nicklas, D., C. Wong, J. Moloo and P. Kaul (2014). "The Refugee Health II Elective. MedEdPORTAL. 2014; 10: 9940. From

Otoscopy/Otitis Media – Digital Otoscope

Wong, C., D. Nicklas, J. Hanson and D. Eckhardt (2015). "Introducing digital otoscopes in pediatric primary care curriculum." MedEdPORTAL(11). From

Octoscopy/Otitis Media - Interactive Learning Sessions

Nicklas, D., J. Hanson and J. Lopreiato (2016). "Acute Otitis Media Curriculum." MedEdPORTAL from

Urinary Tract Infections – Podcast

Burks, A. R., D. Nicklas, J. Owens, T. Lockspeiser and D. Soranno (2016). "Urinary Tract Infections: Pediatric Primary Care Curriculum Podcast." MedEdPORTAL(12). From

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