Education and Scholarship

​Education scholars in the Department of Pediatrics have published a wide array of research and scholarship. To date, the work of CERS has been focused in the following areas:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Reflective Practices
  • Building Scholarship Skills

You can review the list of publications in these areas at the links. Many of these scholars continue to work in these areas. If you have related interests, you may find collaborators by perusing these publications.

Curriculum Development

Following are the Department of Pediatrics' past publications about Curriculum:

Career-Focused Education

Rosenberg, A. A. and M. D. Jones, Jr. (2011). "A structured career-immersion experience in the third year of residency training." Pediatrics 127(1): 1-3.

Rosenberg, A. A., C. Kamin, A. D. Glicken and M. D. Jones, Jr. (2011). "Training gaps for pediatric residents planning a career in primary care: a qualitative and quantitative study." J Grad Med Educ 3(3): 309-314.

Rosenberg, A. A., T. Lockspeiser, J. L. Lane, Y. Nomura, P. Schmitter, K. Urban, S. Jimenez and J. Hanson (2013). "A longitudinal career-focused block for third-year pediatrics residents." J Grad Med Educ 5(4): 639-645.

National Collaborative Guides for Curriculum

Fleming, N., A. M. Amies Oelschlager, K. J. Browner-Elhanan, P. S. Huguelet, P. Kaul, H. J. Talib, C. Wheeler and M. Loveless (2014). "Resident education curriculum in pediatric and adolescent gynecology: the short curriculum." J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol 27(2): 117-120.

Loveless, M., A. M. Amies Oelschlager, K. J. Browner-Elhanan, Y. Evans, P. S. Huguelet, N. W. Karjane, P. Kaul, H. J. Talib, C. Wheeler and N. Fleming (2015). "Long Curriculum in Resident Education." J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol 28(3): 196-206.

Tewksbury, L. R., C. Carter, L. Konopasek, S. M. Sanguino and J. L. Hanson (2017). "Evaluation of a National Pediatric Subinternship Curriculum Implemented Through Individual Learning Plans." Acad Pediatr.

Wheeler, C., K. J. Browner-Elhanan, Y. Evans, N. Fleming, P. S. Huguelet, N. W. Karjane, M. Loveless, H. J. Talib and P. Kaul (2018). "Creation and Dissemination of a Multispecialty Graduate Medical Education Curriculum in Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology: The North American Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology Resident Education Committee Experiences." J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol 31(1): 3-6.

Needs Assessment for Curriculum

Hamburger, E. K., J. L. Lane, D. Agrawal, C. Boogaard, J. L. Hanson, J. Weisz and M. Ottolini (2015). "The referral and consultation entrustable professional activity: defining the components in order to develop a curriculum for pediatric residents." Acad Pediatr 15(1): 5-8.

Nolan, R., T. Walker, J. L. Hanson and S. Friedman (2016). "Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician Support of the Medical Home for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders." J Dev Behav Pediatr 37(9): 687-693.

Cloutier, R. L., R. D. Mistry, S. Cico, C. Merritt, S. H. Lam, M. Auerbach, L. M. Skaugset, J. Klig, M. Wolff and M. Duong (2017). "Keeping Up With the Kids: Diffusion of Innovation in Pediatric Emergency Medicine Among Emergency Physicians." Academic Emergency Medicine.

Methods for Curriculum Delivery

Craddock, M. F., H. M. Blondin, M. J. Youssef, M. M. Tollefson, L. F. Hill, J. L. Hanson and A. L. Bruckner (2017). "Online education improves pediatric residents' understanding of atopic dermatitis." Pediatr Dermatol.

Zastoupil, L., A. McIntosh, J. Sopfe, J. Burrows, J. Kraynik, L. Lane, J. Hanson and L. B. Seltz (2017). "Positive Impact of Transition From Noon Conference to Academic Half Day in a Pediatric Residency Program." Acad Pediatr 17(4): 436-442.

Curriculum – MedEdPORTAL

Adolescent Interview – Coached role play Kaul, P.; Hanson, J (2013). "Teaching Adolescent Interviewing Skills." MedEdPORTAL. from

Refugee Health Electives

Helenka Stone, R. C., E. Aagaard, Kaul P., Gong, J., Savin, D., Hummel, B., Andrews, B., Moloo, J., & Petdova, A., (2013). “Refugee Health Elective.” MedEdPORTAL From

Nicklas, D., C. Wong, J. Moloo and P. Kaul (2014). "The Refugee Health II Elective. MedEdPORTAL. 2014; 10: 9940. From

Health Supervision – Clerkship Curriculum

Hanson, J., Balog, E., Pelzner, M. (2014). "Pediatric Health Supervision Curriculum: Instructor's Guide, Student Resources, Faculty Resources and Assessment Tools." MedEdPORTAL. from

Refugee Health – Electives

Nicklas, D., C. Wong, J. Moloo and P. Kaul (2014). "The Refugee Health II Elective. MedEdPORTAL. 2014; 10: 9940. From

Otoscopy/Otitis Media – Digital Otoscope

Wong, C., D. Nicklas, J. Hanson and D. Eckhardt (2015). "Introducing digital otoscopes in pediatric primary care curriculum." MedEdPORTAL(11). From

Octoscopy/Otitis Media - Interactive Learning Sessions

Nicklas, D., J. Hanson and J. Lopreiato (2016). "Acute Otitis Media Curriculum." MedEdPORTAL from

Urinary Tract Infections – Podcast

Burks, A. R., D. Nicklas, J. Owens, T. Lockspeiser and D. Soranno (2016). "Urinary Tract Infections: Pediatric Primary Care Curriculum Podcast." MedEdPORTAL(12). From

Assessment and Evaluation

Following is the Department of Pediatrics' past publications about Assessment and Evaluation:

Assessment with Simulation

Balog, E., Donovan, M., & Hanson, J (2012). “Standardized Patient Case: Health Supervision Encounter for a Child 6-24 Months of Age.” MedEdPORTAL.

Kaul, P., G. Barley and G. Guiton (2012). "Medical student performance on an adolescent medicine examination." J Adolesc Health 51(3): 299-301.

Kaul, P., J. Gong, G. Guiton, A. Rosenberg and G. Barley (2014). "Measuring pediatric resident competencies in adolescent medicine." J Adolesc Health 55(2): 301-303.

Challenges and Change

Wang, K. E., C. Fitzpatrick, D. George and L. Lane (2012). "Attitudes of affiliate faculty members toward medical student summative evaluation for clinical clerkships: a qualitative analysis." Teach Learn Med 24(1): 8-17.

Rustici, M.J. (2013) Critical Synthesis Package: American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Peer Assessment, Published: October 24, 2013 | MedEdPortal from

Hanson, J. L. and S. L. Bannister (2016). "To Trust or Not to Trust? An Introduction to Entrustable Professional Activities." Pediatrics 138(5).

Narrative Assessment

Hanson, J. L., A. A. Rosenberg and J. L. Lane (2013). "Narrative descriptions should replace grades and numerical ratings for clinical performance in medical education in the United States." Front Psychol 4: 668.

Holmes, A. V., J. O. Lopreiato, C. B. Peltier and J. L. Hanson (2014). "In reply." Pediatrics 134(4): e1283.

Holmes, A. V., C. B. Peltier, J. L. Hanson and J. O. Lopreiato (2014). "Writing medical student and resident performance evaluations: beyond "performed as expected"." Pediatrics 133(5): 766-768.

Teaching and Learning

Following is the Department of Pediatrics' past publications about Teaching and Learning:

Student Perspectives on Learning

Lockspeiser, T. M., P. O'Sullivan, A. Teherani and J. Muller (2008). "Understanding the experience of being taught by peers: the value of social and cognitive congruence." Adv Health Sci Educ Theory Pract 13(3): 361-372.

Seltz, L. B., A. Montgomery, J. L. Lane, J. Soep and J. L. Hanson (2014). "Medical students' experiences working with frequently rotating pediatric inpatient attending physicians." Hosp Pediatr 4(4): 239-246.

Wolf, S. J., T. M. Lockspeiser, J. Gong and G. Guiton (2014). "Students' perspectives on the fourth year of medical school: a mixed-methods analysis." Acad Med 89(4): 602-607.

Teaching Strategies

Kaul, P. and G. Guiton (2010). "Responding to the challenges of teaching cultural competency." Med Educ 44(5): 506.

Balog, E. K., M. A. Pelzner, J. Hanson, K Kieling (2012) Designing and Delivering an Effective Lesson. MedEdPORTAL. Published: February 17, 2012 | From 

Kaul, P., J. Gong and G. Guiton (2014). "Effective feedback strategies for teaching in pediatric and adolescent gynecology." J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol 27(4): 188-193

Lockspeiser, T. M. and P. Kaul (2015). "Applying the one-minute preceptor model to pediatric and adolescent gynecology education." J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol 28(2): 74-77.

Lumba-Brown, A., S. Tat, M. A. Auerbach, D. O. Kessler, M. Alletag, P. Grover, D. Schnadower, C. G. Macias and T. P. Chang (2016). "PEMNetwork: Barriers and Enablers to Collaboration and Multimedia Education in the Digital Age." Pediatric emergency care 32(8): 565-569.

Kaul, P., J. Fisher and J. L. Hanson (2017). "Medical Students' Acquisition of Adolescent Interview Skills after Coached Role Play." J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol.

Rustici, M., J. Whitsitt and M. Roberts (2017). "Case construction: flipping the problem-based learning structure through student-created cases." Med Educ 51(5): 536.

Muradian, S., A. Widge, J. L. Hanson, J. L. Lane, C. Boogaard, D. Agrawal, M. Ottolini and E. K. Hamburger (2018). "Tools for Learning About the Referral and Consultation Process for Pediatric Residents." Acad Pediatr 18(3): 357-359.

Learning in Clinical Settings

Hamburger, E. K., S. Cuzzi, D. A. Coddington, A. M. Allevi, J. Lopreiato, R. Moon, C. Yu and J. L. Lane (2011). "Observation of resident clinical skills: outcomes of a program of direct observation in the continuity clinic setting." Acad Pediatr 11(5): 394-402.

Seltz, L. B., L. Zimmer, L. Ochoa-Nunez, M. Rustici, L. Bryant and D. Fox (2011). "Latino families' experiences with family-centered rounds at an academic children's hospital." Acad Pediatr 11(5): 432-438

Burgis, J. C., T. M. Lockspeiser, E. C. Stumpf and S. D. Wilson (2012). "Resident perceptions of autonomy in a complex tertiary care environment improve when supervised by hospitalists." Hosp Pediatr 2(4): 228-234.

Corriere, M. D., J. L. Hanson, P. A. Hemmer and G. D. Denton (2013). "Overnight call: a survey of medical student experiences, attitudes, and skills." Teach Learn Med 25(1): 64-70.

Balog, E. K., J. L. Hanson and G. S. Blaschke (2014). "Teaching the essentials of "well-child care": inspiring proficiency and passion." Pediatrics 134(2): 206-209.

Bannister, S. L., J. L. Hanson, C. G. Maloney and R. A. Dudas (2015). "Practical Framework for Fostering a Positive Learning Environment." Pediatrics 136(1): 6-9.

Seltz, L. B., E. Preloger, J. L. Hanson and L. Lane (2016). "Ward Rounds With or Without an Attending Physician: How Interns Learn Most Successfully." Acad Pediatr 16(7): 638-644.

Student Perspectives on Learning

Seltz, L. B., A. Montgomery, J. L. Lane, J. Soep and J. L. Hanson (2014). "Medical students' experiences working with frequently rotating pediatric inpatient attending physicians." Hosp Pediatr 4(4): 239-246.

Wolf, S. J., T. M. Lockspeiser, J. Gong and G. Guiton (2014). "Students' perspectives on the fourth year of medical school: a mixed-methods analysis." Acad Med 89(4): 602-607.

Reflective Practices

Following is the Department of Pediatrics' past publications about Reflective Practices:


Hanson, J. L. (2013). "A long journey home." Patient Educ Couns 90(1): 139-140.

Nicklas, D., J. L. Lane, J. Hanson, J. Owens and M. Treitz (2017). "Using Digital Stories to Reflect on the Culture of Overuse, Misuse, and Underuse in Medicine and Enhance the Patient-Provider Relationship." Acad Pediatr 17(6): 694-696.

Self-Regulated Learning

Lockspeiser, T. (2013). "Critical synthesis package: self-regulated learning perception scale (SRLPS). " MedEdPORTAL from

Larsen, D. P. and T. Lockspeiser (2017). "Translating Intentions into Actions: A Missing Piece of the Puzzle in Improving Residents' Self-Regulated Learning." J Grad Med Educ 9(4): 458-460.

Individual Learning Goals

Lockspeiser, T., P. Schmitter, J. Lane, J. Hanson and A. Rosenberg (2013). "A validated rubric for scoring learning goals." MedEdPORTAL Publications 9: 9369. From

Lockspeiser, T. M., P. A. Schmitter, J. L. Lane, J. L. Hanson, A. A. Rosenberg and Y. S. Park (2013). "Assessing residents' written learning goals and goal writing skill: validity evidence for the learning goal scoring rubric." Acad Med 88(10): 1558-1563.

Lockspeiser, T. M. and P. Kaul (2016). "Using Individualized Learning Plans to Facilitate Learner-Centered Teaching." J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol 29(3): 214-217.

Lockspeiser, T. M., S. T. Li, A. E. Burke, A. A. Rosenberg, A. E. Dunbar, 3rd, K. A. Gifford, G. H. Gorman, J. D. Mahan, M. P. McKenna, S. Reed, A. Schwartz, I. Harris and J. L. Hanson (2016). "In Pursuit of Meaningful Use of Learning Goals in Residency: A Qualitative Study of Pediatric Residents." Acad Med 91(6): 839-846.

Reed, S., T. M. Lockspeiser, A. Burke, K. A. Gifford, J. L. Hanson, J. D. Mahan, M. McKenna, A. Rosenberg and S. T. Li (2016). "Practical Suggestions for the Creation and Use of Meaningful Learning Goals in Graduate Medical Education." Acad Pediatr 16(1): 20-24.

Self-Reflection on Physician Well-Being

George, S., J. Hanson and J. L. Jackson (2014). "Physician, heal thyself: a qualitative study of physician health behaviors." Acad Psychiatry 38(1): 19-25.

Reflective Practices

Lane, J. L., J. B. Soep and J. L. Hanson (2018). "Narrative Derived from Medical Student Reflection in Action: Lessons Learned and Implications for Assessment." Acad Pediatr 18(3): 354-356.

Scholarship Skills

Following is the Department of Pediatrics' past publications about Building Scholarship Skills:


Deterding, R. R., S. Wong, G. Faries, J. J. Glover, T. P. Garrington, M. Wang, M. S. Anderson and R. D. Krugman (2007). "The new University of Colorado medical school curriculum: a pediatric perspective." J Pediatr 151(5 Suppl): S32-36


O'Sullivan, P. S., B. Niehaus, T. M. Lockspeiser and D. M. Irby (2009). "Becoming an academic doctor: perceptions of scholarly careers." Med Educ 43(4): 335-341.

Narayan, A. P., H. A. McPhillips, M. S. Anderson, L. Gardner, J. Larrabee, S. Poynter, K. J. Mann and N. D. Spector (2014). "Strengthening the associate program director workforce: needs assessment and recommendations." Acad Pediatr 14(4): 332-334.

​Michelson, K. A., L. E. Nigrovic, J. Nagler, C. M. Mcaneney and R. D. Mistry (2017). "Research Interest in Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellows." Pediatric emergency care.

Nerlinger, A. L., A. N. Shah, A. F. Beck, L. S. Beers, S. L. Wong, L. J. Chamberlain and D. Keller (2018). "The Advocacy Portfolio: A Standardized Tool for Documenting Physician Advocacy." Academic medicine 93(6): 860-868

Professional Development

Spector, N. D., K. J. Mann, M. S. Anderson, A. P. Narayan and R. McGregor (2010). "Facilitated peer group mentoring: a case study of creating leadership skills among the associate program directors of the APPD." Acad Pediatr 10(3): 161-164.

Stille, C. J., J. A. Savageau, J. McBride and E. J. Alper (2012). "Quality improvement "201": context-relevant quality improvement leadership training for the busy clinician-educator." Am J Med Qual 27(2): 98-105.

Glick, A. F., P. G. Szilagyi, G. L. Freed, J. L. Hanson and B. P. Dreyer (2016). "A Practical Guide to Writing and Reviewing Abstracts for Pediatric Academic Meetings." Hosp Pediatr 6(6): 369-373.

Chandran, L., M. E. Gusic, J. L. Lane and C. D. Baldwin (2017). "Designing a National Longitudinal Faculty Development Curriculum Focused on Educational Scholarship: Process, Outcomes, and Lessons Learned." Teach Learn Med 29(3): 337-350.

Methodological Approach

Colson, E. R., B. P. Dreyer, J. L. Hanson, L. Tewksbury, M. Johnson and G. Flores (2013). "Qualitative abstracts at the Pediatric Academic Societies meeting: are they less likely to be accepted for presentation?" Acad Pediatr 13(2): 140-144.

Abramson, E. L., C. R. Paul, J. Petershack, J. Serwint, J. E. Fischel, M. Rocha, M. Treitz, H. McPhillips, T. Lockspeiser, P. Hicks, L. Tewksbury, M. Vasquez, D. J. Tancredi and S. T. Li (2018). "Conducting Quantitative Medical Education Research: From Design to Dissemination." Acad Pediatr 18(2): 129-139.

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