Transgenic Services 

GEMM has extensive experience making transgenic mice.  Many of these are classic transgenes, but we also have a molecular biologist on staff who can generate more complex and/or larger transgenic constructs using BAC recombineering. 

 We frequently combine the CRISPR/Cas9 technology with IVF to introduce transgenes directly onto a wide range of background strains, including B6J, B6N, NOD, FVB, already genetically modified mice and others.  Please inquire.

 The general workflow for creating a transgenic mouse is as follows:

 Transgenic mouse services

  1. Consultation- meet to discuss project goals.  If you have already made the transgene and are ready to inject zygotes, we’d like to meet to learn more about your transgene and genotyping assay.
  2. Transgenic vector design and construction- if you do not yet have a transgene made, GEMM will propose a strategy to generate the desired construct for researcher review and approval prior to project start.  Once design is approved, GEMM will create the DNA constructs. Please reach out to us at any point during the process to check in and see how the project is progressing. Instead of being charged at project completion, you will be charged regularly (usually once per month) for work completed during that time period.
  3. Vector preparation for microinjection.
  4. Single copy assay detection- prior to detection, a genotyping assay that is sensitive enough to detect a single copy of the transgene in the mouse genome must be developed.
  5. Pronuclear injection-GEMM will generate embryos by natural mating or by IVF, inject the transgene gene, and perform embryo transfers.
  6. Resulting pups will be genotyped to identify putative founders.  Mice can be transferred to researcher at this stage or kept in our breeding program to establish germline transmission.


Jennifer Matsuda, PhD
Director, GEMM

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