Molecular Biology Support

GEMM has extensive experience with the design of both straightforward and complex constructs, including the design of gene editing projects such as CRISPR/Cas9.   Common constructs include classic and BAC transgenic constructs as well as viral constructs (not always to create a novel model).

 The general workflow for creating a DNA construct with us is: 

  1. Consultation- meet to discuss project goals. What reagents do you already have on hand?  What do we need to procure?  What elements of the design need to be finalized?
  2. Design strategy- we will provide you with a proposed strategy to create your construct as well as our best guess of the possible cost.
  3. Generation of construct- once you approve the design strategy, we will begin making your construct.  Please reach out to us at any point during the process to check in and see how the project is progressing. Instead of being charged at project completion, you will be charged regularly (usually once per month) for work completed during that time period.
  4. Project completion- once the construct is complete, we will provide it to you in an agreed upon format, whether it is a glycerol stock, a mini-prep or a larger scale DNA preparation.


Jennifer Matsuda, PhD
Director, GEMM

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