The Genetically Engineered Murine Models (GEMM) 

shared resource at CU/AMC

GEMM provides full-service mouse genetic engineering support to researchers.  We will help you select the best model for your research program, design and build any constructs and reagents, and produce live mice.  The most popular requests are for CRISPR-based gene edited mice and transgenic mice.  To date, we have created engineered alleles for knockouts, conditional knockouts, SNP knockins, tag and marker insertions, deletions of up to 300kb, duplications, and transgenic alleles. These novel mouse models have been made on a wide spectrum of genetic background strains, including but not limited to C57BL/6J, C57BL/6N, NOD, BALB/cJ, FVB/Crl, NSGS, various 129 substrains, collaborative cross strains, and on mice that are already genetically modified.

In addition, we have a robust breeding and genotyping program.  We can breed new models to establish germline transmission and can also create cohorts for investigators.  We provide strain cryopreservation, rederivation and rescue services, as well as cryostorage.  Our services are available to outside institutions, nationally and internationally.    

Overview of Services

Assisted Reproductive Technologies Services

These services are designed to help you share models with collaborators from other institutions, to rescue strains, and to provide a cryorepository of your novel models.

Generation of Novel Mouse Models

Breeding Program Services

  • Colony management- GEMM will charge a set per diem rate for mice in the breeding program; this per diem charge includes routine handling of the mice to set up mating pairs, check for plugs, identification and weaning of animals
  • Genotyping by standard PCR- GEMM will extract gDNA and genotype samples by standard PCR and will perform restriction enzyme digest and/or Sanger sequencing on these PCR products as appropriate
  • Next generation sequencing support- GEMM will work with the researcher to develop, implement, and analyze results from NGS to genotype mice

Other GEMM Core Services

  • Maxiprep- high copy plasmids, irrespective of eventual use, can be isolated by GEMM for your research
  • Core/labor- GEMM Core personnel’s time will be charged for any additional services provided



Jennifer Matsuda, PhD
Director, GEMM

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